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TenDegreesofReckoningcovernew.jpgThis week I am on vacation, again.  Isn't it great?  Maybe not so much for you?  Since I'm a country bumkin and have dial up internet at home, I am merely uploading a show that already ran.  My friend Kathy notified me recently that this book is now doing pretty well.  I interviewed the author a while back and I don't know how many have heard the story.  It is pretty amazing.  It is a story of survival, determination, incredible will, love and divine assistance.  Hestor Rumberg is a good friend of Judith Sleavin's, and moved forward to tell her amazing story.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Is there always a greater purpose?  Are there angels or spirit guides around us?

If you already heard this show, sorry, if you haven't it is inspiring to hear how one woman survived an ordeal that most would not.  Next week Lisa Shiel discusses her book Evolution Conspiracies and we speculate as to our true origins!

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