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February 26th, 2009

My guest this week is D'ann Rohrbach, an energy reader and healer.  How does it work?  D'ann claims to be able to sense a persons energy and can see where it's whole and where it's disrupted.  She can then tell the person what they need to do to move forward.  Did I believe her when she first told me?  Not sure.  Then she picked up something on me that was totally accurate.  What I liked about the reading is that she was very gentle and didn't make me feel uncomfortable in any way.  She also wanted to keep it private, but I was willing to share it with anyone who listens to this program.  Would I call on her for help?  After this conversation, yes! 

You can check out her site at: www.hvtworks.com

Are we all just beings of energy?  Have we lived other lives before?  If so, is there some baggage we might be carrying around from a previous time?  My baggage (I'm sure there's more) is that I have to be right.  That was extremely important to me at one time, I thought I moved past that.  Apparently not.  This was a good experience for me.  Perhaps it will be for you too.  

Do you think it's possible that we are constantly evolving as beings?  If so than perhaps we need to clear some issues before we can move forward.


February 18th, 2009

image011.jpg  Does life exist outside of our planet?  If  so, is it possible that beings from another place have the ability to visit us?  If the answer is yes, wouldn't it make sense that they have been visiting us for a very long time?  If that is the case, are they a part of our history?  Have they influenced our history?  Have there been references to these visitors in our historic literature?  Even in the Bible? 

This week researcher and author David Twichell from Trenton Michigan discusses his investigations and theories.  Mr. Twichell had his own unusual experience back in 1962, that is what got him started.  Do you see a familiar patern?  I got a good feeling from David, for whatever that means.  I always want to have a guest that is geniune, one never knows for sure.  It appears he has done his homework.  As an added bonus David can laugh at himself and the subject matter.  To me, it is a sign of humility, which tells me that he doesn't think he has all of the answers.  Who does?  I like that. 


Episode LXII Near Death Experience, Alcoholism and Natural Products

February 11th, 2009

Euphoria20800.jpgDo you believe that everyone comes into your life to teach  you something?  I read that a while back and I can see it with just about everyone that I encounter.  I have known my friend Ron for quite some time and I have seen him struggle in almost all of that time.  Something has changed, and the doors seem to be opening up for him.  I have learned from his experiences.  Now I see the great rewards that seem to be awaiting him on his long and difficult journey.  To me, these are topics that we all are familiar with.  Drug or alcohol dependence, and other illness.  Depressing?  Perhaps in this case ... inspiring!

Also on the strange front (if you consider n.d.e.'s strange) we get into a pretty detailed discussion about a near death experience involving Ron's brother.  The handfull that I've heard over the years are normally not that detailed, this one is.

Finally, thank you Ron, it takes a lot to admit some truths that most of us would want to remain hidden.  I know he is doing it to help others, perhaps that too is part of his greater journey.  Many thanks to him.

Episode XLI The Shift And Earth Changes

February 5th, 2009

infinitys-flower-3d.gif   Some scientists believe the magnetic poles are shifting, north is heading south and south is heading north.  Did we really mess up the planet that bad, or is that part of a natural cycle?  Will this shift bring forth any natural disasters?  Is the shift connected in any way to the increased number of paranormal sightings?  Is the shift connected to a shift in conciousness?

Jack Allis joins me from Wisconsin and we talk about his book: INFINITY'S FLOWER, A TALE OF 2012 AND THE GREAT SHIFT OF THE AGES   

I've heard this before many times, Jack seems to have a grasp on the shift and has done his homework on native teachings.

Jack's website:  www.jackallis.com


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