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Episode LXII Near Death Experience, Alcoholism and Natural Products


Euphoria20800.jpgDo you believe that everyone comes into your life to teach  you something?  I read that a while back and I can see it with just about everyone that I encounter.  I have known my friend Ron for quite some time and I have seen him struggle in almost all of that time.  Something has changed, and the doors seem to be opening up for him.  I have learned from his experiences.  Now I see the great rewards that seem to be awaiting him on his long and difficult journey.  To me, these are topics that we all are familiar with.  Drug or alcohol dependence, and other illness.  Depressing?  Perhaps in this case ... inspiring!

Also on the strange front (if you consider n.d.e.'s strange) we get into a pretty detailed discussion about a near death experience involving Ron's brother.  The handfull that I've heard over the years are normally not that detailed, this one is.

Finally, thank you Ron, it takes a lot to admit some truths that most of us would want to remain hidden.  I know he is doing it to help others, perhaps that too is part of his greater journey.  Many thanks to him.

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