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My guest this week is D'ann Rohrbach, an energy reader and healer.  How does it work?  D'ann claims to be able to sense a persons energy and can see where it's whole and where it's disrupted.  She can then tell the person what they need to do to move forward.  Did I believe her when she first told me?  Not sure.  Then she picked up something on me that was totally accurate.  What I liked about the reading is that she was very gentle and didn't make me feel uncomfortable in any way.  She also wanted to keep it private, but I was willing to share it with anyone who listens to this program.  Would I call on her for help?  After this conversation, yes! 

You can check out her site at: www.hvtworks.com

Are we all just beings of energy?  Have we lived other lives before?  If so, is there some baggage we might be carrying around from a previous time?  My baggage (I'm sure there's more) is that I have to be right.  That was extremely important to me at one time, I thought I moved past that.  Apparently not.  This was a good experience for me.  Perhaps it will be for you too.  

Do you think it's possible that we are constantly evolving as beings?  If so than perhaps we need to clear some issues before we can move forward.

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