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Episode XXXIII Interview with a Medium

November 25th, 2008

keith_seminar.jpgLet me introduce you to Keith Norton, a medium from Lower Michigan that I met a couple of years ago.  I went to a seance in 2006, first time ever, expecting that it could be a hoax.  I had never met the man before, nor had I even talked to him prior to doing the seance.

There were six of us sitting around the table, including Keith, waiting for the possibility of contact with loved ones who had passed.  I can't speak for others but as far as myself, Keith nailed several things that evening.  Probably the most surprising was his description of my mother, if he was making it up he sure got pretty lucky! 

After more than one conversation via the phone I feel pretty comfortable with Keith as far as being genuine, at least in my perception.  Do you think it is true that there are those who can communicate with spirits?  If so, don't we all have the ability to do so?  Is this something to be weary of? 

Perhaps you would like to try to contact someone.  I can't gaurentee that you will recieve some kind of connection but you can check out Keith's website:  WWW.VOICESBEYOND.NET

Episode XXXII The Visitor

November 17th, 2008

nm_alien_080615_mc.jpgThis weeks episode is about UFO's.  Included are stories that I share from what I would consider very reliable sources, mostly family.  Also, a first hand experience on my part.  It may seem a bit unbelievable, so be it.  It took a bit of thought to decide to go down this road but in the end I figured why not?  Are people gonna think I'm looney?  Some probably already do.  I guess my major concern was not to drive people away from what I'm trying to accomplish with this site.

So what am I trying to accomplish with this site?  Uh...just get the truth out as I know it from my own experiences and others that I trust.  Why?  Many reasons.  Help others realize they are not losing it or seeing things, and present what could be an alternative truth.

Want to share something?  Want to share a thought?  tj2@up.net

Episode XXXI Linda Alice Dewey talks about ghosts, shadow people, the afterlife, and more

November 7th, 2008

Linda returns for part two of our interview.  We talk about Aaron, Jacobs, what it's like to be a ghost and what it's like to be on the otherside.  Those of you who have heard of the term "shadow people", that is discussed as well.

Also we talk about the Kassel Mission, an unknown mission that is still a mystery from World War Two.  Linda's dad was a pilot during the war and flew this mission, there weren't many survivors.  What is really neat is that after the war, many years later, the survivors on both sides came together as brothers.  Pretty amazing. 

I also come to find out that Linda's dad bombed Mannheim Germany.  (I'm sure many cities)  Weird coincidence?  My mom was from Germany and came over to the states in 1948.  She lost her mother (my grandmother) in 44 during an air raid and I've never really mentioned this to a whole lot of people.  I just happened to mention it to Linda.  I don't know if there is any connection to this but it is interesting to say the least.  Was her dad there on the raid that took my grandmothers life?  How did I just happen to come across Linda's book?  How did I decide that I would want to do an interview, since prior to that I really didn't have a great desire to go in this direction?   Hmm...naw it's probably just a coicidence, right?


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