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Episode XXXIII Interview with a Medium


keith_seminar.jpgLet me introduce you to Keith Norton, a medium from Lower Michigan that I met a couple of years ago.  I went to a seance in 2006, first time ever, expecting that it could be a hoax.  I had never met the man before, nor had I even talked to him prior to doing the seance.

There were six of us sitting around the table, including Keith, waiting for the possibility of contact with loved ones who had passed.  I can't speak for others but as far as myself, Keith nailed several things that evening.  Probably the most surprising was his description of my mother, if he was making it up he sure got pretty lucky! 

After more than one conversation via the phone I feel pretty comfortable with Keith as far as being genuine, at least in my perception.  Do you think it is true that there are those who can communicate with spirits?  If so, don't we all have the ability to do so?  Is this something to be weary of? 

Perhaps you would like to try to contact someone.  I can't gaurentee that you will recieve some kind of connection but you can check out Keith's website:  WWW.VOICESBEYOND.NET

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