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Episode XXXII The Visitor


nm_alien_080615_mc.jpgThis weeks episode is about UFO's.  Included are stories that I share from what I would consider very reliable sources, mostly family.  Also, a first hand experience on my part.  It may seem a bit unbelievable, so be it.  It took a bit of thought to decide to go down this road but in the end I figured why not?  Are people gonna think I'm looney?  Some probably already do.  I guess my major concern was not to drive people away from what I'm trying to accomplish with this site.

So what am I trying to accomplish with this site?  Uh...just get the truth out as I know it from my own experiences and others that I trust.  Why?  Many reasons.  Help others realize they are not losing it or seeing things, and present what could be an alternative truth.

Want to share something?  Want to share a thought?  tj2@up.net

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