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September 8th, 2022

Do you ever feel helpless by what's going on in the world?  Have you lost a little hope?  This show is about hope, hope for a brighter future and hope for all.  For years chanellers  have been speaking about a Galactic Federation and how they are here to assist us now as we go through these great changes.  How can you even know any of that's true?  I happened to catch a show called UFO Witness and some of the witnesses on the show talked about the Galactic Federation and how they were here at this time to help us.  These witnesses claimed to have been in direct contact with certain star races.  The TV show chose to put a negative spin on this, saying they may be misleading us and wanting to invade.  I would think they could easily invade if they wanted to.  So if this contact is real then perhaps it supports what some channels/psychics have been saying for a while now.  And perhaps, like some feel, there is an invisible war going on over the consciousness of the planet and the souls who reside here.  This involves the angelic realm, the ascended masters, being from other dimensions and other planets.  That's a big to swallow, isn't i?  This would also tie into the dawning of the new age of enlightenment and the coming planetary changes.  I can't say for sure if anything is real, how do you prove it?  It's obvious things are changing, more is coming out each day.  This may not be your topic, listen at your own discretion.


August 29th, 2022

Let's see, there's Edith and Archie, Gloria and Meathead, who else?  Okay, not that family.  This week we have an interesting take on the family of Jesus and Mary Magdelene.  You may have heard from sources that they had a child, Sarah.  Were there more?  Roslyn McGrath joins Joy Melchedzidek and myself to channel the 3rd Mary and her family.  Who's the 3rd Mary?  She is the mother of Mary Magdelene who Roslyn has been channeling for some time now.  Roslyn has written two books relating to this: "Post Resurrection, the Family Of Mary Magdelene", and "The Third Mary: 55 Messages For Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace From the Mother of Mary Magdelene."  



This may not be for everybody, use your own discernment if you choose to listen.  My goal is to never stir the pot or change your way of thinking.


You can check out Roslyn's website at:








August 6th, 2022


Joy Melchezidek joins me and she channels John Lennon, Anne Frank and the Peace Pilgrim.  How did this come about?  Someone suggested to Joy we speak with John and Anne and the Peace Pilgrim showed up as well.  So did my mother.  You can "Imagine" what John has to say, I found his comments about Pete Best interesting.  I threw out the conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by another singer back in the 1960s.  Those of you who might think that Paul died, well John got a chuckle out of that.  My connection to Anne Frank also reminds me of my mother.  There were both the same age at the time of Anne's death.  Both from Germany although Anne and her family left the country and tried to hide because the dissention towards Jewish people.  Anne left her imfamous diary and now she's helping other children who've crossed over.  The Peace Pilgrim showed up and this is probably a message echoed by all three, four if you count my mother.  What did mom say?  Well the typical, "Wash behind your ears, eat your vegetables."  Although  since she was German, "Eat your sausage and kraut."  Kidding.  I was lucky to have a mother who survived a world war that led to the destruction of her country.  She had such a different view on life and was a strong woman.  I asked her once, "How did you manage to get through the war, weren't you afraid?"  She said, "Yes, but we didn't have a choice."  Each of these people come to speak on love and peace.  Thanks to sister Joy for sharing her abilities so we could receive these messages.  


June 16th, 2022


When Peter Frank was 14 he was injured in an accident and had to spend quite a bit of time in the hospital to recover.  His parents stayed in a facility that is called the Beacon House, located in Marquette Michigan.  Having recovered from his injuries, last year Peter rode a unicycle from Appleton Wisconsin to Phoenix Arizona to raise money for the Beacon House.  You might think that was a well planned trip but that is not the case at all, instead much of what happened to Peter on his journey was from the generousity of others, or some of it almost be considered divine timing.  Peters approachable positive attitude certainly helped.  From my perspective there was something more, Peter was living freely and he was manifesting as he traveled.  How many of us would be worried about all the details?  I think of how I thought when I was that age and perhaps we all could learn, or even just remember, what it was like to be free and go with the wind.  This year Peter is traveling by canoe down the Mississippi river to continue fundraising money for the Beacon House.  Peter's goal is to raise $100,000, you can find out more by clicking on the link below.  Truly amazing and inspiring talking to Peter.






May 30th, 2022


When I saw the plane a few weeks ago I reached out to Michigan Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) and on their website I saw Bill's number and left him a message and he was kind enough to email me back right away and even suggest doing another interview.  It's been 9 years since we last talked, honestly I've kind of lost interest in the subject.  I know they exist, I've seen things, family and friends have seen things, so I dont' need to be convinced.  I'm always curious why people do what they do, in Bill's case he saw a UFO when he was a teenager and the fact that he has been abducted several times.  I know there are many who don't believe we get taken, all I can say is talk to someone who has and you will see the trauma it has created in thier lives.  So this week we talk about some of my sightings and sighting that Bill has covered, but also his own personal experience.  This may not be for everyone so skip this episode.  I've talked to quite a few abductees and discovered there are 2 camps, one seems like a wonderful experience for some, and for others it is frightening and often confusing.  Bill's would fall into the latter.   I don't know why there are 2 different stories being told, there are some theories.  There are 2 types of beings called the Grays, one group is benevolent the other is not manevolent, but less friendly, perhaps less respectful of lesser advanced beings.  Some say the polite ones are from the future.  I don't know, but I find Bill's story interesting.  Soon we will do a show on just his experiences.  


May 24th, 2022

This week Roslyn McGrath and Joy Melchezidek join me and we will channel the Third Mary.  Who's the Third Mary?  You have Jesus's mother Mary, Mary Magdelene and her mother who is also named Mary.  Roslyn has felt like she was an aspect of this person back in that time, and by aspect, a part of the consciousness of this person but also her own being.  Does that make sense?  We all think that we are one soul, yes, but is it possible that others can be around you and be an aspect of who you are to witness and experience your journey?  Why not?  2000 years ago several beings came forward to change the world, to move us on a course where we are heading today, remembering who we are.  It is believed that many who were aspects of the key players back then are around today to help usher in the Golden Age.  And that is Roslyn's connection with the Third Mary.  Roslyn is a gifted channel and much more, you can check out her website at:  www.empoweringlightworks.com   



May 12th, 2022


I witnessed something unusual a couple weeks ago, I'm not sure what I actually saw.  It was a plane, similar to the picture above that I found on the internet.  Wow!  I saw a plane, that's rare.  Well it was more about where I saw it, and how low it was, and how close it was to me, and how it appeared not to be moving.  Is that possible?  I've seen videos on the internet of planes that seem to be stuck in the sky, almost as if they're hovering.  I did speak with Michigan's MUFON director and he told me a really bizare UFO/plane incident in lower Michigan that could be similar to what I saw.  Not sure what it was right now, pehaps someone can add to this.  Please contact me if you have something you'd like to share and we can keep it anonomous if you'd like.  


May 5th, 2022


Lisa Warden owns Sacred Living, she is a Massage Therapist and does Reiki, and she is a Masters Level social worker.  She also works with Fairy Cards and Angel Cards.  So in this interview we'll hear what she does and we'll even delve into the cards and Lisa will do a reading in general and in part for me.  Lisa is a wise being and I am grateful I had a chance to connect with her.  Within the program is Lisa's contact information.


April 26th, 2022




This week Joy Melchezidek joins me.  She asked me who I'd like to channel a while back and I said Martin Luther King.  She said she wanted to include Malcom X which was fine with me.  I chose these people because I believe they were people of integrity and were steadfast in their beliefs.  Perhaps we need to remember their message and as both of these souls have become more aware in their current state they have more to tell us.


March 31st, 2022

One could look at all that's happened in the last couple years and think, "What's next?  How is this moving us forward?"  As beings of self preservation, fear is an easy trap to fall into.  About all we can do is throw money at things and one also has to wonder if it ever gets to those who need it.  Are we just helpless beings or are we more powerful than we think?  Recently I started remembering some incidents that made me wonder if my thoughts and attitudes had anything to do with the outcome.  People always say "You need to be positive" but rarely offer tangible evidence that it has any effect.  What comes to mind are about 5 incidents where I think I affected the weather and my desire to change it.  Is that even possible? Perhaps these are just coincidences.  But what if we are more powerful than we think?  Could we change the world with just our intentions?  What if what's happening in the world right now is there to help us become motivated to become focused on what we really want?  What do you want?  I want a world of peace, love and abundance for all.

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