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June 30th, 2018


I'm pretty sure some of you are tuning in and thinking that some of this stuff is a bit "out there", and I've done the same when someone told me something that just seemed so unbelievable.  But I think if we stay open it stretches us and maybe down the road, when we're ready, we hear it again from another source and we now see it as being possible.


So in my own mind it all makes sense, much of this I learned over 30 years ago and I always kept it in the back of my mind not knowing there would come a day when it all might make sense.  I've always been interested in others stories and experiences, I became a story collector at least 30 years ago, not knowing why, just knowing I was interested and it felt right.  It was a long journey, at times frustrating because before the internet and cell phones things were a bit more difficult.  I didn't even know why I was doing it and then it all became clear and I could see how my life took different turns to lead me where I am today.  So this week's show is about how I came to believe what I do.  How did each of our beliefs get formed?  Do you feel rigid in your beliefs or do you find that they are shifting?  Can you connect the dots to see how they lined up to put you where you are today?


June 20th, 2018


I've been going to this site for the last couple of years and reading many of the articles, on occasion watching videos or listening to audio.  What I like is that there are many different channels and mediums speaking on the site and quite often the topic is Ascention.  Often galactic beings are being chanelled, sometimes the Divine Mother, Mathew Ward, Jesus, St. Germain, Archangel Michael and many others.  So much of this rings true to me because of my own experiences and what I've been hearing for most of my adult years.  Many of my friends who are mediums/channels are saying the same thing.  So a few weeks ago I emailed the website and I got a reponse from Steve Beckow who was more than gracious.  Before we could even talk Steve asked me to tell him about myself.  Then he gave me a generous gift. 


From what I can tell he is a very geniune gentle soul who truly believes we are ascending into another dimension, as do I.  He believes there will be a day of disclosure, a day when there will be a Reval- when the wealth of the planet will be redistributed.  I believe that as well, I just don't know when.  It gives me great joy to speak with Steve Beckow on this week's show. 


The website has been around since 2009, lots of great articles to read.




June 15th, 2018


This week Joy Melchezidek joins me from Pennsylvania and we talk to Bob Warner and Noel Marshall.  Imagine dropping what you were doing and selling off your home and getting an RV and going where you felt compelled to go.  Noel was guided by spirit and it lead both her and Bob on some incredible journeys.


What I've noticed with a lot of people is that they feel they are here to make a difference and many are unsure what their journey is but they know it is to serve in some way because of current and coming changes, changes which will eventually be for the better.  All I can say is follow your heart, the journey is different for each of us.  Just being in a state of love and grace makes a difference.






June 8th, 2018



If you saw that hail storm I witnessed a couple weeks ago you might think that something is really wrong with the planet.  It would be easy to step into fear.  Last Monday I was grocery shopping at a local store and the check out woman and bagger were having a conversation about the recent volcanic activity on Earth.  The woman stated "It's the end of times."  The man who was bagging said he didn't agree.  The woman said "Well I'm a Christian."  The man said, "So am I."  She walked away, I don't know if she was upset or not.  The man told me that his mother was convinced 9/11 was the end of times.  He had to convince her not to be afraid.  I told him "good for you" for not giving into fear. 


A couple of things I take away from this conversation, one I'm glad I got to witness and see both sides.  At the time I totally agreed with the man but after thinking it over I realized the woman was telling the truth.  These are the end of times, the old times, the old cycle and now we're moving into new times, great changes, great awakening.  We can move forward corageously or we can let fear control and limit us.  Many years ago I would have been frightened but that is no longer the case.  I truly feel this is part of a bigger plan that has been set in motion.  I only feel this way because I've done my homework and listened openly to many different perspectives and well as having my own experiences.


This is a short show, next week I welcome my dear friend Joy.  In a couple weeks I welcome Steve Beckow from The Golden Age Of Gaia. 


May 17th, 2018






Joining me this week are Frank Feschino (top left) and Dr. Phil Delong, or Shiek Delong as he appears in that top row.  A few weeks ago I was watching Mysteries At the Museum on the Travel Channel and they were talking about the Flatwoods Monster.  I was intrigued seeing that a few years ago they covered the Kinross Incident and left it as unsolved and possibly connected to a ufo.  That wasn't the case this time, they portrayed the Flatwoods Monster incident of 1952 as a meteor and when 3 kids went to investigate they were scared away by an owl which they thought was an alien.  I wonder how many people watched that and just accepted what they were told as fact, that's how they cover things up and none of us usually check on the actual eye witness accounts.  If you wait long enough the witnesses die off and then no one knows for sure, do they?


When I first heard Frank Feschino's story about the Flatwoods Monster I didn't know what to think, but the more I listened to all of the evidence that Frank dug up with over 25 years of research, talking to all of the witnesses before they passed, I had no doubt that much more happened than the official account.  So this week we're going to compare what Mysteries At The Museum has to say compared to what Frank has dug up.  Like I've said before, Frank has done the most extensive research of any ufo incident in our present time.


Dr. Phil Delong recently went to Egypt and was kind enough to allow me to post some of the many pictures that were taken.  Dr. Phil tells us about his journey but more importantly what he felt and experienced while being there.  Dr. Phil is a gifted psychic/medium/channel/healer who had some mind blowing experiences while being there.  We talk about the pyramids, why were they built?  Who really built them?  Were we being visited back then by other beings?  Some of this you may have heard on Ancient Aliens, but unlike those shows Dr. Phil brings his own unique perspective and incredible abilites to make the picture even more clear in my opinion.  This is a bit of a long show, sit back and enjoy.  Please check out their respective websites below.


Frank Feschino:




Reverend Dr. Phil Delong:






May 10th, 2018


Dr. Julie Gatza is a chiropractor out of Florida who, like many, believes a lot of our health issues can be corrected with natural products.  Dr. Gatza talks with me this week about the myth of how we think we are what we eat.  Basically what she's saying is that even if we eat nutricious food we may not be getting the full effect which in turn could be leading to a number of health issues.  Dr Gatza claims that even after our teen years our bodies enzymes start breaking down and maybe not working as effectiviely as they could  Dr. Gatza promotes a natural enzyme healing product that aids our body in breaking down foods and medicines.


Part of the problem is that our foods are not as healthy as they once were, and if we think by eating healthy we can cure the problem, well it doesn't do any good if we're not absorbing the nutrition.  Makes sense, maybe that's what some are dealing with.


I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Gatza, below is a you tube interview of her describing Parkinsons Disease and other potential options.  Like my last interview, I am pleased to see that there are many who are standing up and being heard on natural health options.






April 26th, 2018



Dr. Lewis is the President and founder of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute. He is an expert on nutritional interventions for brain health, particularly the use of omega-3 fatty acids for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI). He founded Brain Health Education and Research in late 2011 upon retiring as a Colonel after a distinguished 31 year career in the U.S. Army. His pioneering work in the military and since has helped thousands of people around the world and regularly featured in the media including CNN’s Sanjay Gupta MD show and numerous radio shows and podcasts. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Tulane University School of Medicine. Dr. Lewis is board-certified and a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and the American College of Nutrition. He completed post-graduate training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He is currently in private practice in Potomac, Maryland (BrainCARE – www.BrainCARE.center), is a consultant to the U.S. Army and Navy as well as several organizations, institutes, and nutrition companies around the world, and a founding member of the Pop Warner Youth Football Medical Advisory Board.


Dr. Lewis forgot we were supposed to do a show and I called his back up number and he was more than gracious.  That tells me a lot about him, I found him to be down to earth and geniune.  It's nice to know there are well educated medical professionals who are seeing things in a different light and are aware of over medicating issues from prescriptions, and are chosing more natural solutions.  In this interview we talk about how concussions could be connected to poor brain health.  We discuss how CBD oil can not only heal brain issues, but pain issues as well.  Dr. Lewis has a well documented story of a teen who was in a horrible accident and recovered using a lot of Omega 3s and CBD oil.  What is CBD oil made from?  A cannibus plant, but it doesn't have THC, therefore it is legal in every state.  Some people I know swear that it's the THC in marijauna than heals, others who are natural doctors don't necessarly disagree but they feel it's not necessary.  One of the most interesting comments that Dr. Lewis made was how he thought much of the pain many suffer from today is caused by too many Omega 6's in our body, this is caused by the use of soy products which can be found in many of our foods. 


Another important topic that Dr. Lewis discussed was concussions.  I look at sports atheletes, even children, getting concussions at such a young age, this seems to be on the rise.  Dr. Lewis had a unique reponse that basically said that because we don't get the right nutrition it could be making us more prone to injuries and perhaps even concussions.   That was something I never thought about, granted there are many other factors but there seems to be an epidemic in sports regarding concussions and certainly part of it is due more awareness.  We hear about these atheletes having severe problems later in life, often dying at a fairly young age.  Is it possible with the right nutrition these atheletes stand a better chance of not only maintaining their quality of life, but also recovering?  Imagine that, healing ourselves from head trauma, within this interview Dr. Lewis shares a remarkable story of one such recovery.






April 19th, 2018



Avatar was an amazing movie, it was one of those films that many went back to see again and again.  Many felt the concept of an avatar is what we are experiencing now, we are avatar's living in these human bodies.  But what really drew me was the story of the native people, it just seemed so authentic.  Turns out it was.  This week Reuben Langdon joins me from California, Reuben has been a stunt man for many years and did a lot of the stunts for the films lead character.  Reuben told me that the director, James Cameron, wanted to capture the true essence of the native culture so he encorporated many native beliefs from many different cultures into the story.  It seems to me when a movie speaks to the higher conciousness of others they go back again and again to see it, they are recognizing an inner truth.  Remember Titantic in 1998?  I feel it was very authentic but I've always felt the real draw for the movie was it's timing.  What is the average time that we take before we come back?  Roughly 60 to 70 years.  When did the Titantic sink?  1912.  Was this why so many were drawn to that movie because so many were alive at that time and remembered the sinking of the famous ship?  Many perhaps were drawn to the fictional love story between 2 obvious twin flames and I feel they saw themselves up on the screen.  Those are all topics for another show.


Avatar came out in 2009 and it while it may have been "waking people up" it was also waking up Reuben Langdon.  Never before had he looked into "other" things and while on the set he talked with others and began a journey that has led him down a road with many answers.  I found Reuben to be on a similar journey as me, we both want to find a higher truth.  Reuben spent a good amount of time interviewing many people as you can see on the links below.  He filmed and produced a series of interviews with well respected channels.  These channels often spoke with extra terrestrials and other beings, E.D.'s, aka extra dimensionals.  What do they have to say? 


I had no idea where Reuben was going to go with his informatiion and yet I openly welcomed the chance to speak with him.  I had heard him on my buddy David Twitchell's show talking about Grey aliens and it struck a chord as being very accurate from my own experiences.  In this interview we talked for quite a while longer than I normally do, there were so many topics I wanted to ask the "E.D.'s" about.  In the end I found much of what they had to say was very close to what I've learned over the years.  How can that be?  Is this all just coincidence?  Or is it proof that there may be a greater truth that many are tapping into?  Reuben struck me as a very down to earth soul and it I enjoyed talking to him.





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April 10th, 2018




Who ya gonna call?  Thanks to Rich Meyer for letting me know about a group of ghost hunters from Grand Haven Michigan.  They don't just hunt ghosts, they are open to investigating all paranormal.  What causes people to do this?  For many I think it's an experience in early life that opens our mind to many different possibilities.  So this week I talk to Bill Jones and his crew about why they do what they do, and I like that each of them shared their own experiences.  Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever had what you thought was an experience?  Feel free to post it below.  Bill and his crew never charge anything to do an investigation, which tells me they're doing this for the right reasons.  In my opinion, I think we've all had contact.  Whether from spirits (loved ones who've crossed over), angels, guides, and ghosts who are still hanging around certain objects or buildings.  Sometimes they wander around and wind up at your house.  Many times it could just be residual energy caused by the current or previous home owners.  Sometimes people, especially children, are creating poltergiests from their emotions.  There are many answers, and I give this group credit for trying to come up with a rational answer first before jumping to conclusions.  It's like that tv show, everytime they hear a noise, "I think it's a squatch."  Many times it's nothing, but at the same time from my own experiences, there are many instances where it is something and I believe the more you open up to it, and get past your fear, the more experiences you will have. 


Also, mark your calenders for June 29th and 30th for a paranormal conference in Grand Haven Michigan.  You can make reservations and find out more by going to:  www.graspp.org  They have a great line up including Michigan's Mufon director  Bill Konkoleski, Rich Meyer with UPBRSO, and many others.  Bill even said he could hook you up with a stay at a known haunted hotel if they still have rooms available. 


March 29th, 2018



This week I discuss what I keep hearing about, "The Event."  Have you heard about that?  According to some websites there is going to be an "Event" that may happen soon that will wake up many.  Some have said it is a powerful influx of light (love) that will effect each of us and we will never be the same.  Many will have a great awakening, some will be confused.  Either way, it doesn't hurt to talk about it so that if and when it does happen it won't be overwhelming.  If there is any truth in this, how should we respond?  Probably by not overreacting to anything and keeping an open mind.  This leads to my second topic this week regarding The Secret and the Law Of Attraction.  My point is whatever we focus on we're going to get more of.


How many of you read about or saw The Secret?  Did you know there were 2 versions of that movie?  I saw the first one with Ester Hicks, in the second one she was replaced, I always wondered why that was.  Frankly I loved the first one, I thought the second one was okay but seemed to be lacking something the first movie had.  This week I share some audio (courtesy of You Tube) of Esther and Abraham talking about this.  Did you know that the movie The Secret was based on the channeling of Esther Hicks with an entity called Abraham?  Who is Abraham?  I understand this being called Abraham to be a group of souls that exist on another level of consciousness, some would say a higher level than we are on.  Is it possible for humans to allow another consciousness to speak through them?  I believe it is, I've seen it time and again, I've had guests on who do that as well.  At first it frightened me years ago, but now I think it is a very natural thing, we all probably do it from time to time.  Throughout history many have said they felt they were tapping into something greater when they came up with an answer to something, some feel that an energy was working through them.  If the brain is a transmitter and receiver, then can we pick up other frequencies if we know how to step aside and allow it?  Look at John of God, the great healer in Brazil.  He believes he's channeling great surgeons who came before him, along with angels, that allow him to help others heal themselves.  So why are there 2 versions of The Secret?  I believe it was done deliberately because there are some that just don't want the truth to come out, so they do watered down versions of the truth.  Either way the truth comes out and I beleive when you're ready for more you will seek more and more will be revealed, at least that's what has worked for me.


I believe there are many levels of consciousness, and many different energies that are traveling their own path of spiritual evolution and maybe their insight is a little more clear than ours since we are at the lowest level of consciousness living in a physical body.  My experience is that those who are of the light are here to serve, we only have to ask.  If you go back in my archives you will see that we've channeled many different energies and most had a similar message of unconditional love. 


 Below are links to some of the things I talk about this week so you can see for yourself.  Here's what Wikepedia says about the Secret:

The film includes interviews with individuals who describe themselves as professionals and authors in the fields of quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics, coaching, theology, philosophy, finance, feng shui, medicine, and personal development, who are called "secret teachers". Some of them, on their Web sites, promote the film and their connection to it. A few of the persons brief appearances do not speak of the "law of attraction" in their interviews, so their support of the concepts is assumed by viewers.

Persons who focus on the law of attraction who are interviewed in the film and have later been featured on prominent American TV shows are John Assaraf,[7]Michael Beckwith,[8]John Demartini,[9]Bob Proctor,[10]Jack Canfield,[11]James Arthur Ray, Joseph Vitale,[12]Lisa Nichols, Marie Diamond, and John Gray. Others involved in the film who have spoken of their strong belief in the Law of Attraction, include Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks[13] (original edition only),[14]Mike Dooley, David Schirmer, and Marci Shimoff. Others interviewed in the film who voice very similar views without using the phrase "law of attraction" include Lee Brower (Board Member of WorldVuer), Hale Dwoskin, Bob Doyle, Cathy Goodman, Morris E. Goodman, John Hagelin, Bill Harris,[15] Ben Johnson,[16]Loral Langemeier, Denis Waitley, Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray and Fred Alan Wolf.


I highlighted Neale Donald Walsch because he wrote books where he "channeled" God.  Conversations With God is one of his most popular books.


Esther Hicks:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFp-iPSPplE


The Event:http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/03/13/sananda-via-adele-arini-the-great-event-is-coming/

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