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March 14th, 2018


This week I co host a show with my dear soul sister Joy Melchezidek and we interview Flo Aeveia Magdalena on the story of how she wrote her book "I Remember Union."  I read the book about 5 years ago and felt much of it rang true.  It is the story of Jesus and Mary, although you probably haven't heard this one before.  The book was published in 1992 and Flo told us she spent 3 years channeling all of the major players from that time period prior to writing the book.  She felt like she was being guided and that she had a connection to that time period and Mary Magdelene.  Flo was told that she was an aspect of Mary, not that she was the physical reincarnation of Mary, but a connected consciousness to her.  Could that explain why so many feel connected to that time?  Could it also explain why many feel they came back now to advance the message and help us remember?  Could this be part of the great awakening that is going on now? 


I've always felt there was more to Mary Magdalene than we were told.  Even Judas.  I feel the events of 2000 years ago were orchestrated to wake us up.  The timing wasn't right, but like experiences in my own life, it was being set up for a later date, a date when great changes would come to the planet and there would be the return of the Divine Feminine so that we can balance out the planet and ourselves.  Some of you may wonder what is the purpose of finding balance and I would say it's who we are as beings and we can't move forward in our spiritual evolution until we do.


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March 8th, 2018



Paul Blake Smith is my guest this week, originally from Cape Girardeau Missouri, home of the first UFO crash and cover up in 1941.  Um...don't you mean Roswell in 1947?  No, many believe there was a crash that took place in 1941 that many of the locals witnessed and that was covered up shortly after.  To be honest I had never heard of this event until the last couple of years. 


As the story goes:



“The Reverend William Huffman, who was the minister there, was called by the local sheriff to come assist in delivering some sort of last rights at a plane crash. That’s what the Reverend was under the impression that he was going to do. A car arrived at his house which was nearby [the current Redstar Baptist Church location] and they drove about 18 miles or so outside of Cape Girardeau closer to the Chaffee area. When they showed up on the scene, it was not a plane crash, it was, allegedly, a flying saucer, a classic silver, round disk that had crashed, that had started a fire. There were police and fire there to take care of the scene, put out the fire on a local farmer’s field," Huntington said.

"The Reverend arrived and saw a classic flying disk with part of the side ripped open and two alien bodies that were at least dead and one that may have been dying, may have been alive, couldn’t breathe," he continued. "The Reverend looked inside of the flying saucer and saw wires and components of some sort of alien design. There were strange hieroglyphics and bizarre knobs and dials. The Reverend knew that he couldn’t really give the last rights. About that time, the army air corps arrived from Sikeston Field and cordoned off the area and swore everybody to secrecy and confiscated any pictures. There were pictures allegedly taken that night of men holding one of the alien bodies and somewhere out there are those pictures."


My guest has done some digging and there seems to be some very suspicious coincidences related to this event.  You can find out more at Paul's Facebook site below:




March 2nd, 2018



What makes each of us believe in the things that others may not believe in?  I find with many of my guests that it is an experience that changed their life, many would say that it was part of a greater plan, maybe even destiny.  My guest this week is Rich Meyer who at one time didn't believe that Bigfoot existed.  Growing up Rich spent a lot of his time hunting in the deep woods with his father, they were very close.  It was only after his father passed that Rich discovered the reason his father loved going into the deep woods, in part, it was to search for the legendary creature called Bigfoot.  Rich caught his father's passion and began his own search and formed the Upper Peninsula Bigfoot Sasquatch Research Organization.  Remember the Patterson film from 1967?  Rich got to meet one of the two men that were involved in that incident and shares that experience.  He also shares what he's learned by investigating eye witness reports, surpisingly there have been many reports that the public just doesn't hear about.  While it seems more are accepting the possibiliy of their existence, there are still many doubters and naysayers.  Witnesses are just afraid to come forward for many reasons.  In the end I think we are finding less and less resistence and fewer people making fun of these kinds of things, the world and people's attitudes are changing.  The truth is coming out and as I always say, it is part of this great change we're going through that will allow all truths to come forward. 


I've always been a believer, I don't know why, maybe I'm just gullible, but I've always kept an open mind to all possibilities.  I heard years ago that Sasquatch can pick up our thoughts, animals can, we can as well.  This is one way I believe they can avoid us.  Why is there never any evidence?  I think back to a story Linda Godfrey told me about  her investigation involving the Dogman/Manwolf, they had just recorded something on video and locked the video in their van to do more investigating.  It was late at night and when they eventually returned to the vehicle the evidence was gone.  Now who do you think took that?  And why did they do that?  Perhaps if we found all of the hidden truths it would crumble the established concepts and beliefs...and that might actually set us free. 


To report a sighting, or an ususual experience, click on the link below:




February 27th, 2018


From Golden Age Of Gaia Website, thru Marilyn Raffaele on behalf of the Artcurians:


Many young ones on earth at this time have incarnated for the sole purpose of assisting the ascension process through their Light and awareness. They carry with them no karma to balance, no lessons to learn, and no energy to awaken, but rather chose to incarnate out of love, for the sole purpose of assisting in the awakening of a world still held in, but ready to graduate beyond the third dimension.


Many of these evolved children and teens have been categorized as “problems” simply because they do not fit into the accepted third dimensional “belief box”. They are out of sync with many concepts and beliefs regarding body and mind simply because they do not resonate with that energy.


The commonly accepted use of prescription drugs to “cure” them has caused many of them to lose sight of why they came and who they are. Drugs must be used with great discretion and with the awareness that they effect the energy of an individual.


Many in today’s world are expressing anger, fear, frustration and other negative emotions because the false sense of security that comes with many universal beliefs is dissolving. Try not to become too involved in the nitty-gritty of world appearances. Be aware of them, do what you are guided to do, but continue to understand them for what they are, expressions of duality and separation. This does not make them any less painful for those experiencing as well as those observing, but when you hold fast to the higher truths, it helps dissolve the impersonal beliefs manifesting as these things.


There is an element working very hard to prevent mankind from awakening because if the majority was to awaken they would lose the “power over” and control they feed on. These dear ones function from a consciousness of fear and separation, and so fear mongering is their favorite tool for controlling the masses and blocking Light.


Stay alert to what comes into your mind knowing that no matter how obnoxious a thought, it is not yours until you accept it as personally yours. Everyone has experienced some negative thought and wondered; “Where did that come from?” Whether it is old cellular programming surfacing or something from the un-awakened consensus consciousness, it is never real, permanent, or yours unless you allow it to be. The only real qualities you have or can ever have, are God qualities.


See the world you want and feel the emotions that come with it. Let your creativity flow in the directions of peace and enlightenment for Gaia and all forms of life upon her.


Yes, but, you say; “Look at all the people being harmed by others at this time.” Know that these types of situations are usually not random. More often than not, especially in these times, they involve souls who have agreed either as a group or individually to experience something for the purpose of; 1.-clearing some personal or group karma, or 2.- providing some unselfish service to mankind’s ascension process through an event or experience that will impact a lethargic world into awakening in some necessary way.




My show this week is somewhat brief and touches on recent incidents and looks at them from a different perspective, instead of blaming the goverment, or shooters, or officers, or whomever, we fail to see who the real culprit is, who is the man behind the curtain.  These incidents make us choose sides and yet we don't look at why this is really happening, do we?  In some ways most of us are contributing to this as well, with our thoughts and what we support, whether it's violent movies, tv shows, video games, etc.  Our anger, our hatred, the us versus them mentality.  How can we each make a difference?  Change our focus, what we focus on the most we get more of.  No one has to join a group or march in the streets, all I'm saying is that if you want to make a difference it starts with your thoughts and words, and the one word that is the most powerful is...love.  Next week I hope to speak with a local Bigfoot investigater. 



February 8th, 2018



"Are people just making this stuff up?  I have a hard time believing this stuff is real."  That was my response when I first heard about the Manwolf.  Then as time goes on you  hear more and more and you start to think maybe people are seeing something.  Fortunately I was able to connect with Linda Godfrey and my opinion changed.  I've learned that some of the most open minded people seem to have moments of skepticism, it is not a bad thing but at the same time when you finally take the time to speak to someone who's researched a subject, listen with an open mind.  Many of us just don't take the time to find out more, do we?


Maybe 10 years ago I was returning back to my father in law's cabin with my father in law Bob and we were riding on a dirt road and I glanced down a two rut road that intersected our road and saw the biggest bird I've ever seen in my life, the wingspan of this bird covered the entire road.  It was just getting dark and of course I didn't ask to stop the truck so I could see what the heck that bird was.  A giant owl?  An incredibly huge eagle?  Around that time I had heard of the Thunderbirds, not the car, or the jets, but these enormously large birds that many had witnessed.  Over time you forget about such things, even though I felt there probably was some truth in the many eye witness reports.  A few weeks ago I saw an article talking about Pterodactyls being seen in North Carolina.  Then I read some articles posted by Jonathan Whitcomb, a researcher from Utah.  I contacted Jonathan and he was willing to come on my show and discuss the many sightings he's investigated and his own research.  I've attached a picture at the top of this page that appears to show a group of Civil War era soldiers standing over a Ropen, or Pterodactyl.  Is it real?  I definitely think it could be.  Are there prehistoric birds still flying around?  I think they certainly could be.  Does Nessie exist in Loch ness?  Or Champ in Lake Champlain?  I think they do.  This week I am joined by Jonathan Whitcomb who has been researching Pterosaurs for almost 15 years.  If you have an unsusual sighting please contact John at the website below.






February 2nd, 2018


My buddy Art, from Florida, joins me this week.  There have been reports on the networks, I really haven't followed any of this but Art has been following this topic.  Art gave me a bunch of links to check out, they are listed below.  Are we finally going to get the truth?  Maybe a little, probably not all of it.  Will we ever?  I have no doubt it will come out, it has to as at some point.  I believe those who have lied to us are being pressured by "other beings" to bring it forward.  Art has been on before and we also talk about his connection to a man, Melvin Brown, who may have served at Roswell during the crash of 1947.  Art wanted me to post the items listed below.



Beverley (Brown) Bean told the British television audience during her interviews in the 90s many stories related to her dad, Roswell witness Melvin E. Brown. One of them was a tale that was told to one her uncles that the actual Roswell craft was buried in the sand on a 45 degree angle. She never gave the name to which uncle this was? Do the researchers know? Or was it even an uncle at all?  Shown below are some notes Art had on Melvin's family tree from the 1930 census indicating a large family from Fresno California with many uncles to choose from including a twin brother to Melvin named Marvin. Perhaps someone 'out there' had grandparents or great grandparents that are on this list?  Did you hear any tales about Roswell while growing up?





CNN coverage of New York Times article on Secret UFO Investigation Program


Tom DeLonge Disclosure Program


George Knapp interview with retired Senator Harry Reid


Robert Bigelow


Skinwalker Ranch - Robert Bigelow - NIDS


1941 Cape Girardeau Crash UFO Case



Also, credit to Byron Lacy for this weeks cool show intro.



January 18th, 2018



I can only guess that some of you feel the way my guest does, that you don't fit in, and that you never fitted in.  Maybe you feel like you're not even from here?  I've used to think that way, I thought maybe my home was somewhere in the stars.  But my guest doesn't even feel that his home is in the stars, it's in another dimension.  Many psychics and channels have told me there are "Starseeds" who are incarnating at this time to assist in the changes that are underway.  It is said that these are beings that lived on other planets and made the decision to appear for the first time in a human body, and they certainly don't feel at home.  Imagine that?  If we do reincarnate, do we always do it on the same world?  Do some of us come from the stars?  Maybe even other dimensions? 


Byron Lacy spoke with me a couple years ago about being an abductee, he has many memories of being taken and other remarkable things that have happened to him.  When we spoke the last time I felt there was more, turns out there was and even though Byron has no problem talking about being abducted, he has never come out to claim that he is a being from another dimension.  I find that with every bit of truth we reveal, it often can be difficult to take the next step.  Many  of my guests have told me things off the record that they just didn't want to share at the time.  I am so honored to have Byron come on and share his stories, they are simply amazing.  These beings have saved his life many times.  These beings are from the light and Byron was shown his home and didn't want to leave.  Byron was also taken by the Grays, and we talk a little about that as well.  This is a fascinating show and while his experiences are so different than mine, we find common ground and feel that this is part of a greater purpose.


Also, Byron is quite an artist and composer, the opening that I use on my show was composed by Byron, it's called "A Robot Of My Own."  I like it, thank you Byron for letting me use it.




January 12th, 2018



Keith Beauchamp joins me this week to share some stories, some knocked me for a loop.  We all hear things, unless you've lived in a certain area you really don't know, even then you still may not know what's truly going on.  Keith spent most of his life in Tucson Arizona, he only recently moved to upper Michigan.  He claims he did it to get his family away from a very negative situation, somethng he feels that could effect us all.  One of his stories reminded me of another story I heard from a friend who was vacationing outside of the country.  If there's any truth in human trafficking, then maybe we need to be very careful wherever we go, even in the United States.  I don't wish to alarm anyone, my shows are never meant to create fear, or to create division, or to cast judgement.  I just found what Keith had to say to be something that needed to be heard.  With all of that said, Keith also shares some strange paranormal things that he's encountered while in the desert, I've heard from many that the desert seems to be a beacon for paranormal activity.  Strange lights, ufo's, spirits, why is that? 


While we do cover some serious topics in the beginning of this interview, both of us agree that the world is changing for the better.  I will probably never do a show about this topic again, because I truly feel whatever we focus on we get more of, and yet I felt it needed to be heard.  I feel it's good to be aware of some other potential truths but in the end return to love and focus on that.  As my friend John would say, "Whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest." 


December 29th, 2017



Hey look, it's that being I saw back in 1992 who came and visited me one night. 


Recently I came across an article that was written by a woman who channels Mathew Ward.  Who's Mathew Ward?  He was a boy who died in the early 80's when he was 17.  Years later his mother would learn how to channel her own son and the things he would say blew her away.  How do I know it what he's saying is true?  I don't, but something he said caught my ear, it was something very similar that I'd heard almost 30 years ago.  It was about a group of beings that are visiting us, known as the Greys, the same as the one shown in the picture.  They are known as the group that abduct people, some have good experiences and some don't.  Why do they do it?  Why do they treat some better than others?  And yet my experience frightened me at first but I came away thinking that this was a gentle being that could have easily harmed me and didn't.  So why are there mixed reports?  Maybe Mathew has an answer? 


If you read sights like Golden Age Of Gaia you will come away thinking that this is the year of disclosure, we are finally going to be told the truth about visitors from other worlds.  I don't see that happening this year but we've seen a lot of great changes in a short time, so it's possible.  Anything is possible.  Maybe 15 years ago, before I started my podcast, a woman walked into my studio and told me that she was in Chicago at a convention and there were many E.T.s there, she said they looked just like us and were helping us move forward as a species.  I wasn't sure if I believed her, not that the story was out of my belief system, but she just didn't strike me as being genuine.  What if she was telling me the truth?  Whether it's this year or not I do believe it will happen soon, and soon could be this year or in the next 20 years.  I've talked to so many others who believe as I do, so many who've been taken felt they were being prepared for something bigger.  I kind of feel that way as well, even though I don't believe I was taken, I was just visited.  Scary?  No, it really isn't.  There are those who want us to be afraid of these kinds of things and yet I feel we have nothing to fear.


December 21st, 2017


Happy Solstice!  Joy Melchezidek joins me for a special show supporting the divine feminie.  In this show we are also joined by Gloria, Sherry, Susie and Barb, each are to her to share their experiences with different goddesses. 


I've learned to accept that there are many dimensions, and from my perspective there are many beings who are assisting us on our journey.  And I know part of what I'm doing at this time is to help support the return of the divine feminine. 

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