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October 5th, 2018


Zachary Quinto is doing a reboot on the History Channel of In Search Of, a show originally hosted by Leonard Nimoy.  Odd?  Both have played Spock in the Star Trek series or movies.  I used to watch the origial series as a kid and was always intrigued by what I can remember of the show.  I've been recording Zachary's shows and I like that he takes an open view but also seeks to find evidence to support whatever topic they cover.


What I do notice on the current show is that they only talk to a small handful of people and they don't delve too deeply into a topic.  An example being that on a recent show they had a man who used to work for the government and claimed he was a time traveler.  They never delved too deeply into what he experienced, I would have liked to have seen more on what the man had to say.


Recently they did a show about Atlantis.  Most of the search was done in the Mediterranean Sea, if one is to believe Plato then it has to be outside the pillars of Hercules, the Straits of Gibraltar, and probably in the Atlantic Ocean.  Was there an Atlantis?  Was it a city, island, or continent?  I feel, like many, I am connected to Atlantis.  From early on in my childhood I felt a connection, I've been told by psychic friends I did live there at one time.  This week we'll look at Atlantis from the perspective of Edgar Cayce and what chanelled beings like Ramtha and Archangel Metatron have to say about Atlantis.  One thing I do find interesting is that Hitler felt he was part of an ancient elite race called the Aryan's, and according to some sources there was a group of Atlanteans that were called Aryans, they were warlike and in the end caused the demise of Atlantis.  They wanted to create one supreme human race and remove all of the inferior races.  Wasn't that what Hitler was trying to do?  Was he a reincarnated soul from Atlantis?  Maybe that answers why he did some of the horrific things he did.  If Atlantis did exist, where is it located?  I feel in my soul I was there, perhaps you do as well.


September 12th, 2018


Yesterday I was going to post a show about 9/11, I listened back to it and felt it was rooted too much in conspiracy.  Last night my wife and I watched a couple specials that reconstructed the timeline of what happened on that day.  I'd forgotten the feeling, not so much the one of fear or sadness, but the one of love.  I had to remember what it was like at the radio station back then, I forgot the love that was pouring out from our staff and listeners, it was amazing.  We all set aside our different beliefs, because none of it mattered.  I also knew, or felt, that there was more going on than what we were told.  There are many conspiracies floating around, I am open to all of it but how can you prove any of it?  I choose not to dwell on that, others can deal with that.  I feel it's more important to remember the love of that day and if possible to help it return again.  I believe whatever we focus on we get more of, so what should we be focusing on?  Doesn't it often seem that it takes a great disaster to wake us up from our slumber?  We all get caught up in our way of thinking, often it comes from our egos and we lose sight of who we truly are.  I feel many of these events are here to remind us, at least in part, this is not to take away from the gravity of the attack. 


Don Jacobs- Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

August 28th, 2018


Joy Melchezidek  from Middeltown Pennsylvania joins me as we co-host a show and interview Don Jacobs from Connecticut.  Don discusses how we each have masculine and feminine energies within our being and the goal is to keep them balanced, now more than ever because of Earth changes.  I can really relate to this, I know have feminine energy within.  I've always been sensitive and felt things, when I went to school I tried to hide that side that existed within me.  Now I feel both energies are in balance and all of my experiences growing up were giving me the opportunity to find that balance.  It may not have seemed that way at the time but now I see it for what it is.  I know a lot of men who act as if they are just masculine energies, but over time, usually as they age, I see a change in them.  Often it is brought about over a tragedy.  I see a lot of women behaving like men, not necessary in a positive way.  They are overly aggressive and appear to be looking for a fight.  I do see a lot of younger men that seem to be in touch with both energies.  From my perspective this has to come forward, we need to be balanced if we are going to ascend along with Gaia. 

I like that people like Don Jacobs are trained to help others find balance, whether on their own or in relationships.  Don has solid advice on  how we can understand each other and how we can all help each other find balance.  So much of what he said rang true in my soul.




July 31st, 2018


This is a rebroadcast with Judy Messoline from Hooper Colorado.  Back in 2000 Judy gave up on the cattle business and started what she thought would be a tourist place, a UFO Watch Tower where people could come and camp out and look at the stars and look for UFO's.  What she thought was just going to be something simple has turned into a place where many go to see UFO's and many events are held regarding aliens.  Now many have gone to her place to see UFO's, she has a campground, she has a tower that allows you to look over a pristine sky with no other light sources in a remote part of southwestern Colorado.

Also we talk about cattle mutilations, I've always been curious about why that happens and who is behind it.  In that part of the country it has happened a lot, Judy estimates over 10,000 cases. 






July 17th, 2018

matthew3-296x300.pngBelow is the latest message from Mathew Ward, a very enlightened being who is channeled by his mother Suzanne.  Everything he says is exactly what Ramtha and others were saying 30 years ago.  I've read many articles by Mathew and it lines up closely with what I've come to believe as true.


"In the beginning of life forms in this universe, human bodies’ cellular structure was crystalline, the lightest possible composition of a dense form. Somewhere along the line, individuals influenced by the dark forces used Creator’s gift of free will and its inherent manifesting ability to manipulate the DNA of a population that had little or no resistance experience.

Like everything else in existence, DNA strand composition is energy fluctuating at one electromagnetic frequency or another and as such, cannot be destroyed. However, strands can be put into a state of dormancy, and that is what those dark entities did except for the two that are required in the makeup of a dense body. They withdrew a large quantity of light from those two active strands to lower their vibratory frequency and change bodies’ cells from crystalline to carbon.

That enabled the entities to decrease the civilization’s intelligence, sentience and conscience levels along with their manifestation capacity, and to instill feelings of separateness and egocentricity; characteristics of violence, rage, greed, dishonesty, brutality, bigotry and lust for control; vulnerability to illness and other forms of physical and mental degeneration; aging and death. The progeny of that population inherited their cellular structure with all of its weaknesses and passed it on to their children, who passed it on to theirs, and so on for eons.

That situation started to change when highly evolved civilizations beamed a massive infusion of light to Earth over eight decades ago. Bodies of individuals who embraced that light initiated the cell transformation process, and a number of souls that incarnated during the past three decades or so came in with crystalline cells. Among them are children for whom dark ones in your medical industry concocted the diagnosis attention deficit disorder or that plus hyperactivity, and the drugs prescribed by doctors curtailed development of those children’s innate abilities.

Some parents intuitively declined medicating their children, but most followed doctors’ advice—the populace has been brainwashed to believe “authorities know best.” Dark ones also suppressed technology that could nurture the uniqueness of crystalline-celled autistic children, and chemicals in food and toxins in vaccines have added their own damage."  Mathew Ward, courtesy of Suzanne Ward and Steve Beckow at Golden Age of Gaia.





June 30th, 2018

I'm pretty sure some of you are tuning in and thinking that some of this stuff is a bit "out there", and I've done the same when someone told me something that just seemed so unbelievable.  But I think if we stay open it stretches us and maybe down the road, when we're ready, we hear it again from another source and we now see it as being possible.


So in my own mind it all makes sense, much of this I learned over 30 years ago and I always kept it in the back of my mind not knowing there would come a day when it all might make sense.  I've always been interested in others stories and experiences, I became a story collector at least 30 years ago, not knowing why, just knowing I was interested and it felt right.  It was a long journey, at times frustrating because before the internet and cell phones things were a bit more difficult.  I didn't even know why I was doing it and then it all became clear and I could see how my life took different turns to lead me where I am today.  So this week's show is about how I came to believe what I do.  How did each of our beliefs get formed?  Do you feel rigid in your beliefs or do you find that they are shifting?  Can you connect the dots to see how they lined up to put you where you are today?


June 20th, 2018

I've been going to this site for the last couple of years and reading many of the articles, on occasion watching videos or listening to audio.  What I like is that there are many different channels and mediums speaking on the site and quite often the topic is Ascention.  Often galactic beings are being chanelled, sometimes the Divine Mother, Mathew Ward, Jesus, St. Germain, Archangel Michael and many others.  So much of this rings true to me because of my own experiences and what I've been hearing for most of my adult years.  Many of my friends who are mediums/channels are saying the same thing.  So a few weeks ago I emailed the website and I got a reponse from Steve Beckow who was more than gracious.  Before we could even talk Steve asked me to tell him about myself.  Then he gave me a generous gift. 


From what I can tell he is a very geniune gentle soul who truly believes we are ascending into another dimension, as do I.  He believes there will be a day of disclosure, a day when there will be a Reval- when the wealth of the planet will be redistributed.  I believe that as well, I just don't know when.  It gives me great joy to speak with Steve Beckow on this week's show. 


The website has been around since 2009, lots of great articles to read.




June 15th, 2018

This week Joy Melchezidek joins me from Pennsylvania and we talk to Bob Warner and Noel Marshall.  Imagine dropping what you were doing and selling off your home and getting an RV and going where you felt compelled to go.  Noel was guided by spirit and it lead both her and Bob on some incredible journeys.


What I've noticed with a lot of people is that they feel they are here to make a difference and many are unsure what their journey is but they know it is to serve in some way because of current and coming changes, changes which will eventually be for the better.  All I can say is follow your heart, the journey is different for each of us.  Just being in a state of love and grace makes a difference.






June 8th, 2018


If you saw that hail storm I witnessed a couple weeks ago you might think that something is really wrong with the planet.  It would be easy to step into fear.  Last Monday I was grocery shopping at a local store and the check out woman and bagger were having a conversation about the recent volcanic activity on Earth.  The woman stated "It's the end of times."  The man who was bagging said he didn't agree.  The woman said "Well I'm a Christian."  The man said, "So am I."  She walked away, I don't know if she was upset or not.  The man told me that his mother was convinced 9/11 was the end of times.  He had to convince her not to be afraid.  I told him "good for you" for not giving into fear. 


A couple of things I take away from this conversation, one I'm glad I got to witness and see both sides.  At the time I totally agreed with the man but after thinking it over I realized the woman was telling the truth.  These are the end of times, the old times, the old cycle and now we're moving into new times, great changes, great awakening.  We can move forward corageously or we can let fear control and limit us.  Many years ago I would have been frightened but that is no longer the case.  I truly feel this is part of a bigger plan that has been set in motion.  I only feel this way because I've done my homework and listened openly to many different perspectives and well as having my own experiences.


This is a short show, next week I welcome my dear friend Joy.  In a couple weeks I welcome Steve Beckow from The Golden Age Of Gaia. 


May 17th, 2018





Joining me this week are Frank Feschino (top left) and Dr. Phil Delong, or Shiek Delong as he appears in that top row.  A few weeks ago I was watching Mysteries At the Museum on the Travel Channel and they were talking about the Flatwoods Monster.  I was intrigued seeing that a few years ago they covered the Kinross Incident and left it as unsolved and possibly connected to a ufo.  That wasn't the case this time, they portrayed the Flatwoods Monster incident of 1952 as a meteor and when 3 kids went to investigate they were scared away by an owl which they thought was an alien.  I wonder how many people watched that and just accepted what they were told as fact, that's how they cover things up and none of us usually check on the actual eye witness accounts.  If you wait long enough the witnesses die off and then no one knows for sure, do they?


When I first heard Frank Feschino's story about the Flatwoods Monster I didn't know what to think, but the more I listened to all of the evidence that Frank dug up with over 25 years of research, talking to all of the witnesses before they passed, I had no doubt that much more happened than the official account.  So this week we're going to compare what Mysteries At The Museum has to say compared to what Frank has dug up.  Like I've said before, Frank has done the most extensive research of any ufo incident in our present time.


Dr. Phil Delong recently went to Egypt and was kind enough to allow me to post some of the many pictures that were taken.  Dr. Phil tells us about his journey but more importantly what he felt and experienced while being there.  Dr. Phil is a gifted psychic/medium/channel/healer who had some mind blowing experiences while being there.  We talk about the pyramids, why were they built?  Who really built them?  Were we being visited back then by other beings?  Some of this you may have heard on Ancient Aliens, but unlike those shows Dr. Phil brings his own unique perspective and incredible abilites to make the picture even more clear in my opinion.  This is a bit of a long show, sit back and enjoy.  Please check out their respective websites below.


Frank Feschino:




Reverend Dr. Phil Delong:





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