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Brandaleen Johnson from Traverse City Michigan joins me this week to talk about her new book, You're Freaking Amazing Life.  Brandaleen has been on the show before, she has many gifts, including teaching others to develop their own inner psychic ability.

Brandaleen's book focuses on how we hold our thoughts and how that affects the law of attraction.  Want a better life?  Stop holding onto the thoughts you have.  Many have written about this subject but what's unique about Brandaleen is that she tells us we need to realize when we are holding onto negative and then change our focus.  This was a fun interview for me because I know that Brandaleen is someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, not that she doesn't take her work seriously, but I always think having a bit of humor makes the world a better place.  Her book sounds interesting, you can check out her site listed below.


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