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INNERAWARE2images.jpgAs I look back on previous shows this year I realize I've gained some perspective on subjects I  had never talked about before.  If someone had claimed that they once knew a person who was convinced they were the Lindbergh baby, well I would have probably thought they were a bit nutty.  Or years ago if someone told me that your spirit can become part of a material object, well that might have made me roll my eyes.  Or if someone came to me and said they believed they were once someone else and somehow aliens were involved, well I may haved called Bellevue and reserved them a room.  How about this wolflike/manlike creature that others have witnessed and now I find out it may be in my own backyard.  Years ago I actually heard a story and dismissed it.  Funny how perspective changes when you talk to others, and trust what they have to say.  It doesn't happen over night, but it can. 

What's happening to all of those birds and fish?  There seems to 3 main theories which I will touch on briefly.  Is it concerning?  Absolutely.  What's going on?  I don't know, do you?

Your involvement.  Is it time to step up to the plate?  That is up to you.  Do you have a comment or story to share?  You don't have to be an author or well known.  How do you think those people got started?  This show is about sharing stories so that others may learn, and so that they may also not live in fear to speak of their own experiences.  Are we coming into a time of change?  More awareness?  I believe so.

Next week an old friend talks about amazing healing stories.  Almost, if not, miraculous.  In two weeks a new friends shares some music and stories.  May 2011 bring you what you desire the most.

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