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mothmanmain.jpgIn 2002 I was really intrigued to see the movie Mothman Prophecies starring Richard Gere.  The movie claimed to be based on some facts.  A lot of movies claim that, usually they are far from the truth.  Like many, I enjoyed the movie and didn't think too much about it until a few years ago.  A pretty good friend who would come into the radio station to produce commercials for her business told me of an unusual sighting, something she was afraid to tell in public.  I asked her to come on my show at the time but she refused, which I understood.  A couple of years ago I was casually talking to Frank Feshino and asking him about if he had any other weird experiences to share outside of his investigative work regarding the Flatwoods Monster, he did.  The story he told me was connected to a man Frank met in West Virginia who had a frightening encounter with a winged creature.

What you will hear this week was taken from You Tube, perhaps you have heard the documentary before, it is about the Mothman and what really took place in Point Pleasant West Virginia starting on November 15th.  I never realized there were so many eyewitnesses.  I didn't know ufo sightings were connected to the story and other strange phenomena as well.  John Keel investigated the sightings in 1966 and returned many times within a year to hear more reports.  John would go on to write The Mothman Prophecies.  Whatever these people saw it was reported on for a whole year, the local press and law enforement were all over it, however the national press seemed to ignore it.  Interesting?  Where have I heard that before?

At the end of I will share a couple of short stories that I have heard regarding this subject.

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