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backyardpicture.jpgThe apple trees in my back yard.  I live in an area that to me seems mystical, or magical.  Many strange and wonderfull things have happened since I moved out to this spot, some involving animals, some involving spirits.  Was this part of my path to move here?  And what is my path?  I used to ask that question at certain points in my life, especially when something tragic would happen, or paranormal, or a near miss would make me question things.  Were those events put in place to make me question myself?  Sometimes it appears that way.  Roughly 5 years ago I started to feel that my life in radio was not really what I was here to do.  Now I really feel that way.  Instead, I am being drawn to pursue what was just a fun hobby at first, my podcasting on the internet for the Out There program.  I have learned so much in 5 years, thank you to all the wonderfull people and spirits who have shared openly.  So now I kind of know that I came here (I believe by choice) to help infuse the world with new options for understanding in changing times.  I've been told that by some psychics who I've interviewed and it makes sense since it is my true passion.  So what makes me so special?  Nothing, I am just like you.  I just kept taking steps, almost like I was led to this.  Perhaps you are sitting here reading this and wondering what your path is.  How do you take the next step?  It seems to happen when we are ready, I think you can trace your advancements.   I can look back on my life and see all the things that led me to where I am.  3 months before graduating high school, with no direction or idea of what I would do, my buddy talks me into checking out a broadcasting school in Wausau Wisconsin.  I get my first radio job in 1979.  After getting fired from that job and only finding part time work I was almost talked into giving up radio completely by my first wife, when out of the blue a radio station in Vicksburgh Mississippi calls me with an offer.  It had been a full month since I had applied with them.  While down in Vicksburgh I am exposed to the Civil War with their incredible park.  At the time I could care less but a friend keeps dragging me to see it.  Eventually something would ring inside me to make me really connected to the Civil War, and even feel like I lived in that time period.  In 1985 I start looking to leave radio in Mississippi and plan on moving on to bigger and better things.  I apply all over the country and 2 promising leads, one from Tulsa and one from Lincoln, come my way.  A third offer is from a small town radio station in Escanaba Michigan.  I had no intention of moving back to a small market but the same guy (Lonnie) who convinced me to go into radio, made me realize I could move back closer to my son and family, so I did.  Without a doubt the best move I could have possibly made regarding how connected I am to nature and being there for family.  Roughly 6 years another friend (John) told me I should do my own talk show, I didn't care for talk radio.  I had always been a radio "jock" on a top 40 station and that's what I liked.  Funny how that changed and funny how it's now very clear why that changed.  My whole life has been about having unusual and paranormal events.  I've spent the last 30 years collecting bizare stories from others, at the time I was just curious.  Now it makes sense why I was doing that.  Back then you didn't publicly talk about these topics, now it had become more widely accepted and I find many who are starting to speak up without fear.  That is why I do this show.  Can you look back on your life and see connections?  What really interests you?  What really makes you happy?  Perhaps that is where you need to go.  What if there was a plan put in place before you came here and you just had to connect the dots?  Why does that have to happen?  I don't know, I would rather just take the easy route but it never seems to work that way.  Too many questions?  Any of it make sense?

Somewhere in the 70's I went to see the Legend of Billy Jack.  The movie hits me in a way that I can't describe.  It connects me to Native Americans.  Years later I am told that I lived as a native many times.  My most recent was in the late 1700's, I knew that before I was even told that.  Sound crazy?

No show this week, my podcast site must have had too much for Thanksgiving, it is full.  Burp.  No room on my site for a show.  I will have a new show next week it all goes well. 

Bloy!  (blessings, love and joy!)