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The other night I went to an open house that was held by friend Dana Van Enkevort at his new office.  I met some people and I met a man named Jeff whose father disappeared over Lake Michigan, it made me think of the Great Lakes Triangle.  Then as he continued to talk, he told me that two other men were on the plane with him and it was an aha moment.  When I first moved back up here in 1985 there was a woman who worked as our receptionist and she talked about her husband disappearing over Lake Michigan, and she always seemed to think he was still alive even though it had been more than a couple of years.  I wish I would have known then what I know now, and that he possibly could be still alive.  Was her husband one of the men who disappeared with Jeff's father?  That would be a crazy coincidence, wouldn't it?  So I thought of Jeff in doing this show and it's about the different shows I've featured over the years, depending what you're looking for you can look in my archives.  If you're new to my site, here's some of what I feature:


Ufos:  Look for Marilyn Rueben, Jim Mahroney, David Twichell and Gord Heath, Frank Feschino.

Sasquatch and Dogman:  Linda Godfrey, Lisa Shiel, Stan Gordon

Channeling: Roslyn McGrath, Joy Melchezidek

Astrology: Jen Howell

Crystal Skulls, healing, ancient teachings:  Reverend Dr. Phil Delong

Angels:  Reverend Debby Bergeon

Psychics:  Dana Van Enkevort, Sarah Wiggens


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