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image003.jpgHere is the rest of the show that David and I recorded a couple of weeks ago and that aired recently on radio in southern lower Michigan and on the internet.  David talks to many in the ufo world, the biggest name probably is Stanton Freidman.  He also has done shows with Bud Hopkins, whose work I have followed for quite some time.  He has written books and works with MUFON and other organizations.  Why would someone become so involved with a topic that many would say does not exist?  We all have a passion for something, the question is, why?  With most, I think it's personal experience.  Perhaps it's part of a greater plan, a plan we put forward before we came here.  Maybe we just don't realize it til later in life.  Even then do we truly get it?  Just imagine if none of this phenomena existed?  Would others say that we wasted our lives looking for something that didn't exist?  How would they know?  They're still alive..... Furthermore, how do they know they haven't spent most of their lives believing a lie????? 

Some of this is about Neil Armstong's ufo experience on the moon, but also a story I heard regarding mysterious craft on the moon.  Also the similarity to one of my guests and David's experience of the sky opening.  A little on the ufo/bigfoot connection.

Thanks again David for letting me be on your show, it was a blast! 



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