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WW1VETERANS.jpgI'm guessing most countries in the world have a day they set aside to honor those who were willing defend their nations beliefs.  So on this show I honor all of you regardless of where you live.  But, since I live in America obviously I am going to be talking mostly about American Vets.  Now, this is not a blanket statement.  I'm sure there are and were some Vets who were not very good individuals, I don't honor those.  The people I talk about in this show are just average folks who are pretty amazing in my eyes. 

My son Ryan served in Kuwait and Iraq and came under some fire a couple of times.  It's what he didn't do that inspires me.  If you hate Americans, perhaps you should listen to the story.  Aren't we all connected?  One thing I didn't mention which I wanted to was that my son loved the people of southern Iraq.  They were really appreciative and became friends with the American soldiers.  To me it proves that most of us are all the same on the inside, if we could just realize it perhaps there would be no more wars. 

My friend Mike served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange, life has not been so good for him, his story needs to be told.

Finally, like in almost all of my shows, I find a way to fit some paranormal into the show.  A pretty good friend told me some things that are officially off the record, but since I'm not using his name or location I feel I can share some of it.

Also, I almost forgot, after I close the show I talk about something really remarkable that happened to me in the last week of October regarding my mother who's been gone since 1997.  It was truly uplifting.  So it was added at the end if you want to hear it. 

Thanks to all veterans, but also to all who help others and give unselfishly.  Today you are not taken for granted.

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