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I had a show scheduled with Reverend Dr. Phil Delong today but the audio quality wasn't quite up to speed so next week we plan on doing an interview.  Phil is a fascinating guy.   Truly a gentle spirit, a remarkable psychic/medium/healer/channeler.  I've never channeled with Phil, he says he often talks to the Ascended Masters and a being from the Pleiades.  Plus I want to hear more about his healing techniques.  I know he's an accomplished energy healer.


Also I mentioned that I'd have Frank Feschino on talking about the Flatwoods Monster incident, we both watched Project Bluebook and they didn't come close to telling the real story.   I realize this show is more about fiction and entertainment, but I don't understand why no one wants to touch this story, they cover Roswell and other ufo related events.  My own personal belief is that it's such a big lie that's been told if it ever came out the government would have to tell the people that they were fighting a war with these beings, trying to shoot them down.  Many pilots died attempting to do that, although Frank and I conclude that these craft were just defending themselves and not trying to attack us.  It also might prove that these beings were doing an intervention to keep us from destroying the planet and ourselves.  I'll talk to Frank as well next week.


I saw a show on the Travel Channel and a former guest, Stan Gordon, was on one of the episodes of Monsters and Mysteries, I thought it might be nice to hear from him again.  That will be down the road.


There is a show called Legend Hunter that airs on the Travel Channel.  The host was in Elkhorn Lake Wisconsin investigating the legend of the man wolf.  Like many of these shows you wind up being disappointed because if they truly listened closely to all of the eye witness reports then it would be very obvious.  Instead they try to make it seem like their doing a scientific approach and they come to the conclusion that it's a mangy bear.  Explain the red glowing eyes, or that it gets up on two feet and runs off or chases people.  Linda Godfrey, who has been on my show more than once, was interviewed for this program and apparently her information was ignored.  She probably knows more about this creature than anyone, she's investigated it for years.  It's like they want to tell us the truth but keep so much of it from us.  I plan on contacting Linda again as well in the near future.




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