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twilight walking tours


I tried to line one up but it fell through, so maybe I'll come in on vacation and do one.  Or not.  I really would like to hear from you though.  What is it you like?  Paranormal?  Strange Phenomena?  Have you had any unusual experiences?  Wouldn't it be great to talk about those experiences without being judged in a casual conversation?  Here's a repeat of a show I did a while back with a man from the Sault Ste. Marie area, I believe they still do these tours and I believe they are still experiencing weird things while the tour is going on.  Jim is a pretty interesting fella with some ghostly encounters, and a bit of history I never knew about the Sault.  How much else has been covered up or forgotten?  I just got a booklet from the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society, they seem to have a lot of evidence to support that someone from Europe or Aisa was mining copper at Isle Royle as far back as 1200 to 2400 b.c.  Now how can that be?  And what was it used for?

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