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cookinletalaska.jpgHate your job?  Think you got it really bad?  Maybe it's just perspective.  I've known Tom Ranguette from Garden Michigan for a few years now, he reminds me of people I used to know as a kid growing up.  People who worked hard to do whatever it takes to provide for their family.  People who are down to Earth and don't take a lot for granted.  Every year for 2 months Tom and one of his sons will head to Cook Inlet Alaska and join several other fisherman trying to make their catch and make enough money for the season to feed their families.  When Tom returns he brings me some of the freshest most incredible salmon and I always put him on the radio and on my podcast.  In this show we talk about how difficult it can be to do what Tom does yet there are some really cool things that Tom shares regarding his attitude and why over 9 years others have their boats break down and his hasn't.  Tom believes you have to treat your vessel like it's a living thing.  You hear that from time to time, it only makes sense that there is spirit/energy in all things.  Tom also shares with me how he's helped others who needed to be towed and how he received a bounty shortly after.  It's like he could do no wrong and the fish kept filling his nets.  Could that be considered good karma?

What is it that appeals to so many about rugged Alaska?  Tom told me it was in the 50's in June when he got there and told a clerk it was a little chilly, her response "Oh, you're not from around here."  Or he would tell me how the locals would complain that it was too hot and they would be glad when the cooler weather comes.  Recently I saw a show called Dual Survivor and the one guy was wearing shorts and was barefoot in Nova Scotia with snow on the ground.  He said he's been living like that for over 20 years and his body has adapted.  It really is evidence of how amazing our minds and bodies were designed to survive in all different types of climates.  I've always wondered how humans survived before fire, perhaps they didn't need it?

If you're ever at the U.P. State Fair make sure to check out Tom's Fish House.  Tom uses only the freshest whitefish caught right out of Lake Michigan that same day.  He doesn't have to do things that way but he knows that once you've tried something really fresh you will realize the difference compared to something you may find at a supermarket.  While this show doesn't deal with my normal topics of strangeness it does have a similar feel and that's regarding how it's all connected and when we respect and honor our surroundings we will receive abundance, or so we both believe.

Also Tom shares with me a really incredible experience that led him to help his sister in law with a product called Essiac Tea.  Have you heard of this before?  It seems to work pretty well for many, not all, with certain types of cancer. 

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