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 Tom Maat joins me from Western Lower Michigan on this weeks show.  He is a member/co TomMaatBioPica.jpgfounder of the Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization, Mufon, and The American Ghost Society.  I was impressed with his website (michigans otherside.com) because it deals with all kinds of paranormal investigations, not just ghosts.  I like talking about ghosts, but I am curious about all things.  Tom also has Shamanistic training.  What does that mean?  I am sure there are many terms for the word.  He tells me that he is merely sensitive to energy and leads a natural earthy lifestyle.  I have never met Tom before but I did like his essence.  He appears to be the real deal to me, he's not in this just to get attention or make a name for himself.  Does he have the ability to pick up on other energies?  Spirits?  See for yourself and hear some interesting stories.

Also I have posted a picture of Amberrose Hammond's new book.  It was Amberrose who suggested that I talk to Tom.  They both work together on investigations and you can check out their website at:  www.michigansotherside.com


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