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Watch at your discretion, some of this might blow you away.  I've talked about free energy before and many of other topics, these are the same things I heard 30 years ago except for the connection to free energy and ancient symbols.    I have no doubt the pyramids were created in part to use free energy, someone had to show the ancients that technology.  Much of this video deals with the Covid story and the real reason it's playing out and who's behind it just like I've stated in previous shows.  Some of this could scare some of you, don't watch it or shut if off.  Otherwise remember that we are in a time of great change and the light will win regardless, the age of enlightenment will not be stopped.  This video takes a very scientific approach.  Thanks to Mary Ann (Yang) for sending this to me. 


Topics:  Free energy, UFO's, Ancient Symbols, Covid, Global Elite and Agenda






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