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THOM1.jpgThom sent me this picture of when he was doing some healing work and in the picture you see a pink blob to Thom's right, and you also see a white blob on the lower right side of the photo.  These blobs appeared in more than one photo and seemed to be moving around.  What are they?  Thom believes that they are angels, he thinks the pink blob may be Chamel, the angel of healing.  Interesting.  Have you ever had this happen to your own photos?  Did it happen more than once?

Thom returns this week for part two of our chat, this week another co-worker joins me and we discuss her health dilemma.  Does Thom pick up anything?  See for yourself but I was impressed.  Also Mindy is back to talk to Thom about past lives.  Mindy has many unusual phobias, she doesn't like her feet covered, she has a thing for smelling scotch tape, she likes really soft blankets.  Is any of this connected to her previous time on the planet?  Do you have any phobias or even just unexplained habits that don't seem to make sense? 

Thom Angels has a remarkable story and does he have the ability to see spirits, read your past, and even heal?  I don't know for sure but I am impressed by what I've seen from Thom so far.


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