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THOMANGELS2.jpg19 years ago my guest died, he was dead for 6 and half minutes.  In that time he claims he left his body, saw people dressed in period clothes, met and angel, saw a glimpse of heaven and then returned to his body.  I met Thom Angels through Frank Feshino, who was just on my show.  He told me I should talk to this man, he had quite a story to tell.  As it turned out, Frank was right.  If true, Thom has been one of the few to witness what happens after death.  So what does happen?  Most will say they see the light, or are drawn to it.  They see loved ones.  Sometimes they see religious figures.  In many cases they see what appears to be heaven.  On occasion when they return to their body they acquire special abilities. 

My guest this week talks to me from New York state.  We discuss what it was like to die, and what it's like to come back.  On top of that he discusses what abilities he has been given.  He claims to have the ability to see things.  He also claims to have the ability to heal.  Really?  Wow, that would be an incredible gift.  Listen to his story, this is part one of two.  Also this week, my morning show radio co host Mindy joins me and gets a reading from Thom. 

Thom's website:  www.thomangels.com

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