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thevitaminprofessor.jpgDoug Ingoldsby from California joins me this week.  Doug's father, James Ingoldsby, got started in the vitamin business way back in the 1930's and was considered by some to the father of the vitamin industry.  Doug's company is called Nutritech and makes a product called All One, basically vitamins or supplements.

I have been a big believer in vitamins since I was a child but I really saw the effect they can have on our bodies back in the winter of 1984.  I had moved to Vicksburg Mississippi and being a typical young guy I didn't keep up with my supplements like I should have.  I had kept getting sore throats and they were just becoming more severe each time around.  You start to live in fear, wondering what you're going to do to solve this problem.  A simple phone call to my mother set things in motion that changed my life forever.  She told me just start taking some vitamin C.  I did and the sore throats went away and never came back, never!  Now, had I followed conventional medicine, what do you think would have happened?  They would have removed my tonsils, or given me an antibiotics shot or who knows.  Over the years I have met people who claim they have beaten cancer and other ailments with natural supplements.   Yet when I pass the stories on, I usually get a blank stare, why is that?  They don't believe because it didn't come from their trusted health care professional.

In this weeks show Doug talks about the advantages of powedered supplements and how vitamins are made and processed.  We look at the pros and cons of using pharmecutical prescriptions.  Doug answered all my questions and seemed pretty good natured, futhermore some of what he said rang true because I have experienced it first hand.  Now what does a show like this have to do with the paranormal or the unknown?  Well, I believe there are many who are unaware of what supplements can really do for the body and there are those who might suggest that this being kept from the public.  Why?  Could it be money?  Greed?  Now, are all supplement companies looking out for our best interest?  I don't think so.  The only way you can find out for sure is to try their products.  Do I believe Doug or trust what he has to say?  I have no reason not to, his company has been around for a long time.

What if you are sick right now and listening to this?  What do you have to lose?  Mainly this interview is about preventive maintenence.  Anyone have a supplement story they would like to share.

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