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Judy Messoline runs a place called the UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado.  What started as a tourist trap has turned into a place where many will gather to watch for ufo's and talk about their experiences.  Judy says she's seen 26 since moving out there.  Objects that stop in mid flight, or make a right angle turn, or turn around and go the opposite way at a high rate of speed.  Somehow I don't think that is a weather balloon.  My main purpose was to talk to someone who might have some knowledge of cattle mutilations, Judy says the ranchers in that area have lost thousands of cattle over the last number of years.  What could be causing this?  There seems to be 2 main theories.  Now, where I live we don't really hear about this, if it does happen, no one seems to be talking about it.  And yet in states like Colorado it is a given amongst the locals but the press rarely talks about it.  Why is that?  Why is this topic avoided?  Does our national press deliberately avoid certain topics?  No doubt in my mind.  Why?  Someone wishes to keep us in the dark.  Is it for our own good?  I think it is part of the myth that we have been told, the lies that we think are real.  Is now the time to wake up?  That's up to you.

Judy brings in guests from time to time to talk about different ufo subjects.  If you want to book a stay at the UFO Watchtower, which I wouldn't mind spending a couple of nights, go to:


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