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SPIRITSRESTLESS.jpgYears ago I met Dan Langenfeld, he would call into the radio station for trivia.  Over the years we became friends and we would share stories.  Dan grew up in an unusual family, then again, is there such a thing as a normal family?  His mother enjoyed talking with spirits, astral travel, and channeling.  This led the family to have many encounters, including Dan.

Dan recently renewed his interest in spirits and has spent the last year documenting stories from over 350 people.  Much to my surprise he has noticed that there are a few similarities amongst those who have had certain experiences in their life.  If you're a divorced single mother of girls then your chances of having an encounter with a spirit go way up.  If you've been abused in some way your chances increase.  What was really surprising is that Dan lives in a pretty remote area and it seems like almost half the people are having experiences of some kind.  Is it the location?  Is it the people?  Is there an increase in spirit activity in general?  I'd say the answer to all three questions is yes. 

Several of my guests have said this over and over, "The veil is lifting, the unseen world is blending with the seen."  In some cases the spirits are harassing the occupants, what can be done?  You need to take back your power.  Call upon the light (God), surround yourself with the white light, visualize it coming down through your head and surrounding you.  Ask the angels to stand guard in the four corners of your home.  Ask archangel Michael to chase away anything that doesn't have good intentions.  That's what I do, there are other things you can do as well.  You really need to believe that you have the power to remove these beings from your home, because whatever we believe in is what comes forward.  Perhaps you need to have someone else come in, but the key is that somewhere along the way you're going to have to believe in you're own divine power. 

Dan is also working on a book and when that is finished we will chatting again, I am glad to speak with an old friend who I believe is just trying to help others.

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