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I am out of room on my site for the month, simple translation:  I can't fit anymore shows on my site until June.  In the next two weeks I have an inteview scheduled with Stuart Tomc who is with Nordic Naturals.  Stuart appears to have plenty of research to support that we are not feeding our  brains with the right nutrition, specifically Omega 3's.  This in turn is leading to many mental issues in this country and not in other countries where they eat more fish.  What if some of our unbalanced individuals who have attacked innocents could be caused by a lack of nutrition to the brain?  Is that possible?  I certainly think that could be part of the problem.  I don't about you but I keep seeing more and more people who seem to be unbalanced, it appears to be a growing problem.  The big question, can we change this with natural products? 

Also in a couple of weeks Jane Mougey from Ohio.  Jane wrote a book about suicide and communication with those from the other side.  What makes Jane unique is that she can speak from experience, she committed suicide in a previous time and feels it's part of her journey to help bring answers.

Finally thanks to Reverend Debby, my sista, our new website is taking shape.  It is a site you can go to and find many different options to explore and find some answers.  You can find it at:  www.thesoulawakens.com