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georgiesbook.jpgYears ago I read a book, I have no idea where I got if from, but the book suggested that all diseases were caused by certain negative feeling and attitudes.  For example: a cold could be brought on by indecision in your life.  Cancer was often brought on by anger.  I read that book some 20 years ago at least and I really don't know how accurate it was. 

Maybe 10 years ago (has it been that long?) I met Georgie Holbrook through John St. Augustine.  Georgie is a former Youper (Escanaba native) and now calls Houston Texas home.  If you know her story you realize that she went through a 7 year ordeal with incurrable Rosacea.  Notice her picture on the cover of her latest book.  No Rosacea.  How did she do that?  She found the answers within, she traced the start of her illness to a previous time in her life.  After discovering the root of her problem, within 9 months she was cured!  At least physically, it took many years to release the emotional end of her dis-ease.  Now how can that happen?

What I like about Georgie is that through her experience she learned to understand the body and what kinds of thoughts will affect which organs.  If someone has a heart problem, perhaps their heart is breaking, or they need to open up their heart.  Does that even remotely make sense?  We are the ones who create our own illnesses and we are the ones who cure our own disease.  Some may agree with that, some would say it's caused by stress.  Georgie takes it one step futher and offers many different options to understand why you are ill and how you can get better.  Will it work for you?  I think there is a good chance it could, but there are no guarantees, even with conventional medicine.  I think there are many factors to consider.  What if, before you were born, you made an agreement to die at age 67 from cancer and then when the cancer arrives you decide you want to live.  Possible?  Did you know that many people will develope cancer or a serious disease 6 months after they lose a job?  Did you know that most people will have a heart attack on a Monday?  Have you ever known someone who says "If I could just last til Christmas I'd be happy."  And they die shortly after.  My own mother said "If I could just see the Packers win another Superbowl before I go."  She did in 1997 and then died later that year. 

Georgie is a gentle spirit who knows love (God) and joy are a part of healing.  We also touch on the law of attraction which is a good idea.  If you think you are going to be sick, or if you worry, or if you endorse that energy, guess what's going to happen?  If you take away anything from this interview understand that if you let things build up inside you, it will make you sick.  Look around you, how often do you see those that speak their mind sickly?  Georgie says it's okay to show our emotions, we need to get it out.

Georgie Holbrook's website:  www.joy-full.com

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