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Brenda.jpgThere are a lot of terms that are being thrown around in this time of change.  Light Workers, Light Warriors, Soldiers of Light, etc. My guest this week, Brenda Meadows, considers herself a Light Warrior/Soul-dier Of Light.  What exactly is that?  As I stated in my most recent show, many of us believe we are here now at this unique point in time to be part of the great change that is in the process of taking place.  Many of us feel we "signed up" for this opportunity to experience and assist in this change.  Many of us feel we that when you challenge the status quo you need to have a warrior mentality, not one of violence, but one of divine love, courage and determination.  If there are forces that are not to happy with this "change", then they will do everything in their power to create chaos, which we see now.  Brenda also feels the time is now, and like many that have been on my show, it took her a while to step forward and admit her gifts and now the next step is to put them into use. 

What really happened in this interview?  First, let me say, I never try to edit anything during an interview, I feel that it would be a misrepresentation of what I do.  On the other hand, if someone is not happy with the interview, I always tell them we can edit or not even use the interview if they choose.  So during this interview you will hear a rare moment in broadcasting, you will hear me tell Brenda that we can edit out a segment.  In the end, we chose not to edit and we had an incredible moment.   I had asked Brenda if she saw anyone around me.  She told me of an older man named Randolph.   I do not know of a Randolph, perhaps a relative I'm not aware of.  So this is Brenda's first interview and she's thinking I'm going to think she's not a very good psychic for not having someone come through that I would know.  Maybe she's a hack?  Far from it, I never doubted her for a second.  I know how it works, I've seen it many times before.  The message was for SOMEONE ELSE!   So Brenda and I had set up a time to do an interview until 1pm, after that I had another appointment to work on a commercial with Jayne.  Jayne manages a local business.  As Brenda was leaving and almost all the way down the stairs, "something" told me to ask Jayne if she knew of a Randolph, her jaw hit the floor.  The message was for her.  I yelled out to Brenda and she came back upstairs and she began speaking with Jayne, it was incredible to witness.  It was such a joy to be a part of.  The message was accurate.  We all sat around and realized this incredible connection.  I was told about Brenda Meadows from Reverend Debby months ago, I just happened to contact her last week and set up an interview.  And "coincidently" one of our sales reps had also scheduled Jayne to come in to do an ad with me on the same day.  Now, all of that had to line up, we could have chosen any day.  Spirit knows that, spirit knows how to line things up.  THIS INTERVIEW IS PROOF OF THAT!

At the very end of this interview we tacked on another segment, this part was with Jayne.  For me, it was a great gift to witness this whole process play out.  Check out a very gentle gifted psychic/medium who truly wants to help you connect with your loved ones:

Brenda Meadows email: meadows_b@charter.net




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