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lawsofattraction1.jpgI met Anne from New York a few  years ago, a positive person who has been working towards bringing her dream forward.  I have even assisted her on some projects.  More recently her dream has run into a wall, and she appreared to be stuck.  This week we attempt to help Anne move forward as I speak to her and Roslyn McGrath on the Laws Of Attraction.  Actually, to be more accurate, the Laws of Attraction Energies speak to us this week.  I'm guessing some of you are familiar with Abraham who works with Ester Hicks, similar concept. 

Have you ever felt that your feelings and thoughts brought things into your life, good or bad?  Have you ever noticed when you're in a certain mood (good or bad) you seem to get more of the same?  Are we capable of creating our own realities, at least to a point?  Look at what authors like Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and self talk guru's like Lou Tice have been promoting.  I know this much, when I'm feeling really good it seems like more good things happen.  Coincidence?  So how do the Law of Attraction energies do in regards to Anne's circumstance?  I believe they were pretty accurate but you can listen for yourself.  Again, thanks to Roslyn McGrath for allowing us to use her as a vessel to connect with these energies.


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