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This truly is a mystery within a mystery.  How can a man have so many memories (some of which can be confirmed and some can't) about someone elses life?  A life that existed over 50 years ago.  In this show we cover a couple of main events in Gord Heath's life that led him to believe he could be Eugene Moncla, the pilot who disappeared in the Kinross Incident on Novemeber 23rd 1953.  At the end of this you will probably come to one of four conclusions, 1) this is all made up or imagination, 2) Gord is psychic, 3) Gord was implanted with memories of Gene Moncla, or  4) that Gord Heath was Eugene Moncla!  I look at this picture and I see a man who is proud of himself and confident.  I see a man with a great future.  It's funny how quickly things can change and how most of us don't know our destiny, or do we?

While part of me remains skeptical, as it does with Gord himself, part of me during this interview was thinking what if?  When that thought hit me I felt great sadness, sadness for the two men who never got to see their families again.  This happens everyday in the military, maybe I just don't stop to think about it or know the personal details.  And if these men were taken by other beings, what choices did they have?  What were those moments like when they realized they would never see their families again?  Well, maybe there was another option.  Gord gives a play by play account of his memory regarding the intercept and the abduction.  It's almost like we're back in that moment on November 23rd 1953.

In this show you'll hear how Eugene came back into Gord's body and even tried to go visit his family.  In 2001 Gord took a trip to Wisconsin and upper Michigan and many memories came pouring back.  In 2002 Gord connected with Eugene Moncla's family for the first time. 

Some thoughts that pass through my mind.  One, I've never heard of this kind of story before.  I've always had a thought that some of the civilian population as well as military were being taken and they weren't returning.  Why?  From my own personal beliefs I think everything happens for a reason and everything is planned out before we get here.  We have the ability to change the plan when we're here but there's always something to learn.  So there could be many reasons as to why this could be happening.  A close (former Airforce military) friend suggested that there is a bit of training going on with an alien race and there could be a time when they make contact and these abductees will be leaders or liaisons.  Interesing, could be.  Are they hurting our people?  I don't think this race is.  Why do I think that?  My own experiences with one of these beings and the fact that I don't know what others had planned before they came here.   If any of this is true, the following questions remain:  Why was Eugene Moncla allowed to return?  And why did he have to return as someone else?  Perhaps Gord supplies some of those answers in this show. 

MonclaAndWilson.jpgRegardless of whether you believe this to be true or not, it is nice to remember two men who were willing to give up their lives for what they believed in.  Time has forgotten them, perhaps their true story has been covered up as well.  How many others have gone this route?

For more on Gord Heath go to his website and read many other memories and odd coincidences in the MY STORY section.   http://www.ufobc.ca/kinross/


Below is a you tube interview with a woman from New Zealand who has had a similar experience as Gord Heath.   Gord wrote me:

I thought after recording the three podcasts with me talking about possible past life abduction and reincarnation by aliens, you would surely be interested in this recent video interview posted to YouTube.   It describes a woman who remembers meeting her future son as a "free soul" in a ball like form of energy when she was only eight years old.   One thing it makes me wonder, she implies that the soul can be taken independently of the body by the aliens as part of the "soul education" experience. Does this mean that the soul she met, may have actually had a physical being, living elsewhere when she met the soul on board the craft?

Very, very weird. She indicates her son has no conscious memory of his experience, but that he is supposed to recover those memories later in his life.


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