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GreatLakes1.jpgAh, home sweet home.  If you look at the picture most of you will recognize the Great Lakes.  Some of you will see Lower and Upper Michigan on the map unless you were napping in geography.  Obviously the lower looks like a mitten and anyone from there will usually point to their hand to tell you where they are from.  Those of us from the U.P. will turn our left hand sideways (at least I do) to show our location.  As you look at the map, almost in the center you will see part of Wisconsin that creates a bay, that is called the Bay of Green Bay.  If you look at the very tip of that peninsula (the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin) you will see a little island.  (Washington Island)  Almost due west of there across the bay is where I broadcast from, Escanaba Michigan.  Population: 13,000.  I am fortunate to live here, somewhat remote and surrounded by forests, rivers, inland lakes, the Great Lakes and the paranormal. 

When I first heard about the Great Lakes Triangle it was many years ago with Leonard Nimoy on his program In Search Of.  For many years I have pesonally heard of strange tales on both land and sea.  Just doing this program has made me aware of other unexplained events that would have just slipped away into history.  I think there is no denying it, we see a lot of ufo's up here.  We see them on land and over the lakes.  We see them go in and out of the the lakes.  So, as far as I'm concerned, it's nothing new.  As for strange weather phenomena, I personally have not talked to anyone who has witnessed extremely strange weather on the Great Lakes.  My father in law sailed the lakes, he loved it.  I have friends who fish the lakes, who boat on the lakes, from time to time I go fishing and kayaking on Lake Michigan.  No vortex has ever swallowed me up that I know of. 

As I was researching this weeks show I found it odd that a woman filed a story in 1978 dealing with a strange fog that surrounded her sailboat and two others near their vessel.  Strange things happened within this fog.  It reminded me of Bruce Gernon's experience with what he termed an electronic fog in one of my previous interviews.  If you're not familiar Bruce is one of the few who has experienced this fog, but that was in the Bermuda Triangle.  In 1978 Kathy Doore left Chicago on board a sailboat and had a unique experience that few have had.  What was it? 

Also you will hear some audio (courtesy of you tube) of Jay Gourley who authored The Great Lakes Triangle.  Gourley believed a lot of the incidents took place around the Agonic Line, or the line in which magnetic north and true north are precisely the same direction.  Everything from the freakish story of Flight 389 from New York to Chicago, to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Also I threw in some audio of an interview with an eyewitness who shot a pretty clean video of a ufo on Lake Erie.  Of course the tv station out of Cleveland had to poke fun at the story, they always do. 

So, is there something mysterious going on in the Great Lakes?  Can this be compared to the Bermuda Triangle?  Isn't strange weather to be expected near large bodies of water?  Did  a former co-workers husband disappear under this phenomena?

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