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The man in the above picture was Sidney Coe Howard, he was a screenwriter in the 1930's, he's credited with writing Gone With The Wind.  He also died in 1939 when a tractor on his farm ran over him and crushed him.  Such a promising life cut short.

A couple of weekends ago I saw a show called "The Ghost Inside My Child" on LMN.  I have so many channels and most of them I don't even watch but this caught my eye and I found it fascinating.  The show deals with children who at a very young age that appear to have very vivid memories of a previous lifetime, many of the children are having nightmares from how they remember dying.  One of the shows dealt with a child remembering being Sidney Coe Howard, he even kept telling his parents he was born on June 26th, Sidney's birthday.  Now how does a young child know these things?  Is it evidence from reincarnation?  If so, why is it coming out now?  Perhaps children have been talking about it for a long time and we just weren't listening.  How can some seem to remember and most of us don't?  My only answer is that they choose to and perhaps  now it is happening more because we are in a time when more truths will come forward.  Next week a fascinating new show with Joy Melchezidek and an investigation into what happened to Emilia Earhart.

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