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My dear soul sister Joy Melchezidek joins me with our special guest Holistic Practitioner Magali Diskus from Pennsylvania.  Magali discusses a device called the Qest 4 and how it works the body's meridians to diagnose potential illness and then gives a natural solution to healing.   Ever since I've known Joy, she's had a number of ailments, some very serious.  She's managed to maintain but not I see a big change since she started working with Magali, there have been amazing results.  Joy shares those results in this interview.  Magali explains how this all works.


Our current medical system gets more and more costly, often we are given drugs that have major side effects on the body.  Most of us feel that the body was meant to heal naturally but how can we diagnose and then solve these issues?  There was a time when the ancients had the answers, was that information forgotten or covered up?  Where did the ancients get their knowledge?  



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