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In September of 1952 a number of unknown craft entered the U.S. airspace over the eastern seaboard.  Through documents from the Airforce's Project Bluebook, local newspaper reports, and even former military eye witnesses, my guest this week discovered what appears to be a mission from the U.S. Airforce to shoot these craft down.  One of the places where one of these damaged craft landed was in Flatwoods, West Virginia, located in Braxton County.  Originally 4 boys were playing football at a local school field and saw the craft go over.  They ran to Mrs. Kathleen May's house, and from there Mrs. Day and several boys went to investigate.  What they saw scared the daylights out of them and changed their lives forever.  Shortly after the sighting the police showed up and then the National Guard got involved.  It was pandomonium.  Then the story changed, and Mrs. May and the boys were made out to look like idiots.  Over time they pretty much refused to talk with anyone about it over ridicule. 

21 years ago Frank Feschino took up the trail out of curiousity, as he dug he learned more and more, eventually he gained the trust of the people of Braxton County in West Virginia.  It took many years for Frank to piece it all together, but what you have is the most investgated, most documented ufo sighting(s) and interaction ever recorded.  I've had Frank on a couple of times before and each time I learn something new.  This time we talk about his latest revised edition and a you tube video he made that shows many of his interviews with some of those that have passed on since the incident.  Like I told Frank before, it's almost like God sent him here for him to find this hidden story, this hidden truth.  He feels the same way.  From Daytona Beach, this week I speak with someone I consider a brother, Frank Feschino.


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