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I haven't talked to Joy Regina Melchezidek in quite a while, she's been busy, so have I.  I think we both sensed it was time to reconnect, so much is going on right now.


Are you feeling uneasy?  Do you have a feeling of impending doom?  Did the election results shake you to the core?  That is what this show is all about.  Prior to the election I was having some bad visions of what may come if either candidate won, and then a calming came over me and I had a thought, "This will be a great opportunity, if you came here to make a difference then put away your fear and get focused."  So what can we do?  That's what my gifted friend is here to discuss.  She has started a group that gets together via the phone to raise vibrations, it is called The Flame Of Grace.  In this episode you will hear what we all can do, and even if you don't want to join in, I feel we all can make a difference in the world if we reconnect with source and live it everyday.  What does that mean?  "Put a little love in your heart."


The next Flame Of Grace call is going to be on December 21st at 8pm.  You can call 712-770-4700 and use the access code 459 343.  You will be linked into a conversation that will be directing you to focus love on certain places or people.  Please hit *6 if you call late so that you are muted. 


I believe in what Joy, and others like her are doing, many are seeing this as a time when we can come together to make a difference.  As always, use your own discretion and what sings to your heart.


You can also check out Joy's podcast at: 



Joy's non profit that helps children is:  www.teeshirtsforpeace.org

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