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a_Bruce-Rob2.jpgIn 1970 a small Bonanza plane left a south Florida airport on a real estate venture.  3 passengers were inside, including Bruce Gernon who was the pilot.  What happened to them is beyond remarkable.  Remember the disapearance of Flight 19 in 1945?  Are these two incidents connected?  Well Bruce's incident occurred almost exactly 25 years later, minus one day, around the same time.  Below are some drawings of what Bruce believes he went through.  He has co- authored a book that detailed the experience called: The Fog, A Never Before Published Theory of The Bermuda Triangle Phenomena. 



 Bruce has appeared on Discovery Channel programs as well as the History Channel (UFO Hunters) and The Learning Channel.  To this day I don't know if Bruce is 100% sure of what happened to him.  This electronic fog surrounded his plane and seem to cling to it.  As he tried to make his way out of this fog it kept surrounding him, finally he made his way out and watched the tunnel shut behind him.  What could that be?  Would he have perished if he had not gotten out in time?  Is this a natural phenomena or unatural?  Bruce admits to having seen at least a dozen ufo's in his life, some were in the triangle.  Is there some kind of connection?  I have always been fascinated by this topic since I was a little kid.  Why do so many planes and boats go missing in these areas?  Is it just a normal part of what happens in any area, or are areas like this unique?  Some would speculate that when beings from another place make an entrance, they open a doorway, if you were to get caught in it, well you can only imagine what might happen.  David Twitchell was a witness to the sky opening and a craft coming out in one of my earlier shows. 

One thing we know for sure, thanks to Bruce, is that he did experience a time shift.  His flight was shortened, there is no way it should have been, he had made that same trip several times.  He also experienced a moment of extreme speed.  If you believe his story he would have had to have been traveling at almost 36,000 miles an hour to go 70 miles in just an instant.  After coming out of the Electronic Fog he experienced what he said felt like hydroplaning.  It lasted for about 10 seconds.  The next thing you know the Miami tower is saying he's 10 miles out.....when he was supposed to be 80 miles out.   Now how did that happen?  How did this small plane not break apart if it traveled at a high rate of speed?  Is this what the ill fated crue aboard Flight 19 experienced?  If so, one could see how it became confusing.  What's lost in this is that the rescue plane that went out to find Flight 19 disappeared as well.  That in turn launched the most massive search at the time for missing aircraft.

 flight19.jpgRemember how the Planes of Flight 19 are found in the movie Close Encounters?  Is it just a movie, or was someone trying to tell us something?  Some say the government uses Hollywood to release information about ufos through movies.  My friend Ron would attest to that.  (interview in an earlier show)


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While she waits.  Funny how there may be a connection to all things.  In 1985 or 1986, shortly after I moved back to Michigan I worked with a gal who was the company's receptionist.  She had a sad heart.  Her husband had vanished over Lake Michigan, it's almost as if she thought he was going to return one day and that his disappearance was caused by some unknown force.  I didn't think much of it at the time and didn't pursue questioning her.  I didn't want to upset her, but I kind of wish I would have asked her what she thought happened.  Although, years later I would hear about the Great Lakes Triangle and all of the ships that have vanished, some say more than the Bermuda Triangle.  Are the two connected?  I think so.  In most cases the weather is to blame, but in some cases perhaps something else is going on.   What if, and this is a really big what if, an event like the wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald was caused by this?  So many in this area are drawn to that story.  Now, I don't really believe that probably happened to the Edmund Fitzgerald, but who really knows?  I do know this: big events happen to gain our attention and it's usually not what we think.  It goes deeper.  It is always an awakening.

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