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In 1970 Bruce Gernon, his father, and a business partner were returning home in his Beechcraft Bonanza A36 from Andros Island to Miami.  After waiting for inclement weather to pass the trio set out on what appeared to be a pretty good day for flying, until they encountered what Bruce terms a time storm.  While in this storm the trio entered a perfect tunnel that surrounded the plane, and there was an electronic fog that appeared to attach itself to the plane.  Upon leaving the tunnel it is estimated that Bruce's plane traveled 90 miles in about 3 minutes, an estimated speed of 2000 mph!!  His plane at top speed could maybe do 200 mph, so how did this happen?  Furthermore, how did his plane not break apart?  Also, how does a perfect tunnel form inside of a cloud?  Why would a cloud appear to attach to your plane?

As if turns out Bruce is not the only person to report about electronic fog, a few others have had similar encounters.  In this interview Bruce speaks of a family that wrote to him about their grandfathers experience....who claimed he entered one of these clouds and went back in time by one day!  Bruce has appeared on many tv and radio shows talking about this event that changed his life forever and put him on a mission to prove what he experienced is real.  So how can you prove it?  Fortunately Bruce has sparked the interest of several people.  One of them is a professor from the University of Nebraska named Dave Pares.  Early next year Professor Pares will be working with Bruce to recreate an experiment regarding electonic fog.  The professor believes that he may actually be able to create a smaller version of a time/space warp.  Possible? 

Have you heard stories about the Bermuda Triangle or other places on the planet where strange events seem to happen?  Some even say there is a Great Lakes Triangle.  Is this phenomena created naturally?  Could our government, or world governments be involved?  Is it ufo's?  I know that's probably not the popular answer but I think back to an interview I did with David Twitchell (who lives near Detroit) who claimed in 1962 his whole family witnessed the sky open and large unknown craft hover over south Detroit.  Are those 2 events even connected?  Did you ever see the movie The Philadelphia Experiment where they try to create a time/space warp. There are some within the military who claim that may have actually happened, we attempted to bend time and the results weren't so good.   What do you think could cause this?  Feel free to post a comment.  My own theory?  I believe there are doorways on this planet that were created by advanced races that they use from time to time to come and go as they please.  Too many, in my opinion, have witnessed ufo's in these triangle areas.  Crazy?  Maybe.


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