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Well, if this last election taught me anything it was to detach.  I witnessed so many that were riled up on both sides, who is right?  Funny, every 4 to 8 years we go through this time and again and history repeats itself.  In the end it's much of the same, a lot of promises but very little that helps all of us.  We are being played in my opinion, they want us fighting and not uniting.  At the end of every election they always say, "Now we have to put aside our differences and work together."  It rarely happens.  Do we even know what we want?  What's really important? 


Every time we feed negative emotions we feed negative energies.  I feel your passion, I feel your frustration.  What can we do?  How can we ever come together?  One way is to see the other side.  My blessed mother was so good at that, she saw both sides, she inspired me to do the same.  Another option is to let go, or detach.  Do you think your higher self would get worked up about any of this?  You already know this, don't you?

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