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Technical Difficulties


Hi, no new show this week, Podbean informed me they are having some server issues.  You may not even be able to listen to some of shows.  Hopefully everything will be operational soon.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

There's always a reason.  This week a friend of mine called me on the air and wanted me to dedicate a song to her grandfather who passed away.  My condolences to Deanna's family.  (She was on of my very first shows)  Another listener called after that and told me about her 29 year old niece that died in a car crash.  Man, it just seems like such a waste, doesn't it?  Finally a gal named Jessie called me and told me her son passed a few years back, he was only 21.  I asked her how she was doing?  She was doing the best she could under the circumstances.  I then asked her if he had contacted her since he passed.  To my surprise the answer was yes.  Something to the effect of this old car he worked on that never ran and the lights just happened to come on by themself as she came home one night, and I think it was her birthday.  How cool is that?  While others may pass and we don't know why, I am convinced it is always part of a greater natural plan, and many times they choose to hang around us to assist us in our life.

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