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pet-psychic-3.jpgAs a kid I grew up around animals, we had several cats, a dog, and a horse. From time to we'd take care of a wounded bird or a bunch of baby bunnies who lost their mother.   I've always had a soft spot for our furry or feathered friends.   For many years I just assumed they were less than me, but I knew that each one seemed to have it's own personality, but I still considered myself above them.  Now many things have happened to me in the last 10 years to make me see things a little differently, too many strange events. 

After a friend passed, and while his widow was on the phone, I had a really wonderfull interaction with a chickadee on my deck, the bird was talking to me.  This bird even went and hovered while it appeared like it was trying to look in my living room window.  Now, hummingbirds can hover, but I've never seen any other bird attempt to do that, let alone appear to be snooping through my living room window.  I really came to believe it was my departed friend!

A few years back a bald eagle was staring at my house from the railroad tracks, and even when I stopped and talked to him, he would look my direction but not fly away. 

Last year I had the visit from the kitten and the two stray dogs.

Not long after when we moved out to the country, we found a fawn curled up next to our big tree next to the garage.  The fawn was fine, it's almost as if his mother had left him there because she knew it was a safe place.

Recently a butterfly was hovering near me and would not go away, I mean this thing seemed to be in love with me.  It was content to eventually just sit by my foot.  Really strange. 

So, coincidently I might add, I got an email for Roslyn Mcgrath and she was a little less busy and wanted to do some channeling and interviews.  I like working with Roslyn, we have done a few shows in the past.  Some of you may not be sure of her authenticity, I understand, it doesn't hurt to have doubts.  I can only go by what I feel, and speaking with Roslyn feels right.  She never tries to persuade me, she merely relates what she feels or hears.  So this week we are going to try to channel the animal energies and I have no idea what to expect.  It only makes sense that we are connected to them and we all come from the same place, right?  So what are they trying to teach us?  Is there anything regarding our interactions with them?  Can loved ones who have passed come back and communicate through animals?  I know, I have a lot of questions.  I truly have to thank Roslyn for her assistance and willingness to allow me to use her as a vessel to communicate with these energies, she gives unselfishly.  Thank you Roslyn!  In the future I will try to return the favor  and do a show that will go in a direction that promotes her many abilities. 

Can Roslyn help you?  I think she may, it's up to you.  Her website is below:


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