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You are what you eat, right?  Mind over matter, right?  Does it matter what we eat?  I mean, I can buy into the theory that if my mind is strong enough I could eat anything and it wouldn't effect me.  On the other hand I can buy into what seems to be factual that what we eat can affect us greatly.  Stuart Tomc was at one time a leading nutritionist for the World Health Organization.  Not Stuart works with Nordic Naturals.  Stuart believes that we are missing a big part of our diet from Omega 3's.  So much has changed in how we grow our food in the last 30 to 40 years, can it affect us?  Well if our brains need nutrition and they're not getting it, what would happen?  Could this be in part of  an explanation as to why more people seem to out of control with their emotions.  I see it so often with so many people, I don't understand why.  I thought it had something to do with the shift, but perhaps there is more.  Stuart points to research in countries like Japan where their diet is full of Omega 3's and they appear to have very few emotional incidents like we do in the states.  I'll take it one step further, is this deliberate?  Stuart won't come out and say, but he will suggest that if you make money as a fast food franchise and you know that your product does nothing to support brain health, and maybe even addict people to your foods, do you think things are going to change when profit is at stake?

Interesting topic this week, made me think.

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