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My guest believes there may be more mass shootings coming to the United States.  I really don't like to go down this road but perhaps there may be a solution, at least for some.  Stuart Tomc from Chicago has been on my show before, he appears to have some research that supports lack of Omega 3's affecting our brain health, and in turn affecting our emotional state.  Years ago we got more Omega 3's in our diet when cattle grazed on open range grasses.  So much has changed in the last 30 years with nutrition and peoples attitudes, coincidence?

Stuart used to work for the World Health Organization and now travels the world lecturing on behalf of Nordic Naturals and brain health.  Could a lack of brain food be leading to some of the mass shootings we are seeing?  It makes some sense.  Could it be a combination of things, like how we get desensitized from our mass media, video games etc?  I know for me that was the case, since I've stopped watching the violent shows and movies I'm become much more sensitive to others, like I was when I was a child. 

Is there a conspiracy?  Stuart won't go there and I really don't care to either, but he is convinced that much of what is happening is based on greed and perhaps some coruption.  Personally I think there's more, but that's for another show perhaps.


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