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What's the story of your life?  Well, I was born and I did some things, was a jerk, became a nice person, experienced love and loss and then I croaked.  They put me in a box and then in the ground.  Well, that's pretty amazing!  But why didn't you include the whole story?  You know, the part where you planned most of it before you came here.

Since I don't have any guests this week I thought it might be fun to imagine in detail how my life came to be and how I planned it with the guides.  This may be  a bit of a stretch and may also be hard to follow as I basically talk back and forth to myself playing the role of the guide as well.  Confusing?  It wasn't for me but I'm pretty sure it may be for you.  So, listen if you'd like, if not contact me and tell me you want to be a guest on my show and you won't have to listen to shows like this.  :)

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