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stan_20121.jpg This week a really cool show dealing with ufo's, bigfoot and thunder birds.  Stan Gordon has been doing research in Pennsylvania since he was 10 years old, he has been at it for 50 years.  He has listened to and investigated thousands of reports regarding the unknown.  Stan was skeptical at first but after hearing so many stories he has realized something unusual may be going on.  This show delves into investigations that you don't hear about too often- the ufo/bigfoot connection.  Stan is well respected because he takes a scientific approach to his work and has so many case files it's hard to ignore all of the evidence. 

You will also hear us talk about the Kecksburg Incident, an event that occured in 1965 where many believe a bell shaped craft was recovered.  This incident took place about 10 miles from Stan's home.  We delve into the thunder birds, some believe these are giant prehistoric birds that still exist today.  2 years ago I saw a huge bird flying down a two rut road, it's wingspan covered the width of the road.  I'm not saying it was a thunder bird, I just don't know what it was.

A couple thoughts.  If bigfoot is real why has no one ever found a body?  Why haven't hunters shot them before?  Well, you will hear a couple of eye witness reports where people did try to shoot them and it had no apparent effect.  Really?  How can that be?  Perhaps they are not what we think they are.  Maybe there is more to these beings than we realize, maybe they have abilities that we don't even have and maybe they are connected to an advanced civilization.  You'd think if that was the case they'd at least take a bath once in a while!  The natives refer to the sasquatch as the guardian of the woods, the keepers of the forests.  They also say that they are half spirit and half real.  After talking to Stan, it appears that bullets have no effect on them so perhaps we should listen closer to what the natives have been trying to tell us for hundreds of years.

What I take away from this interview with Stan is that wherever there are forests and remote areas, there seems to be a lot of stange things going on.  This week I welcome Stan Gordon.


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