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DANANDALLISON.jpgThis week I plan on featuring Dan Dunlop and his niece Allison Loper.  They both have a very interesting story to tell.  Allison has the ability to see and feel spirits, she has her whole life.  Sometimes it is a blessing, other times it may seem like a curse.  A while back my buddy Dan told me he could travel outside of his body, almost at will.  It is something you have to develope, almost like working a muscle.  Well, this story is mainly about Dan leaving his body to travel to his niece's house in Charlevoix Michigan, almost 200 miles away, to assist her with an unpleasant spirit.  The evidence that he actually did that is pretty interesting.  His niece says she saw his spirit after it was all over.  There also seems to be some other evidence to prove that Dan was indeed there.  Why was he there?  Dan knows how to deal with those that are termed negative.  Since he couldn't make it physically to their house, he did the next best thing.  Can we all travel like this?  Better yet, do we all travel like this all the time and just don't know it?

We also talk a little bit about his brother Gary (Yucker) who passed and how Dan feels about that.

Special thanks to Allison who shared something that is probably a little difficult to talk about since most will roll their eyes when the topic is brought up.

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