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Does it lend any credibility to eye witness accounts when it comes from the police or military?  I think so.  Ingrid Dean, a state police officer out of Traverse city joins me this week.  Ingrid has spiritfront.jpgput together a book called Spirit Of The Badge that is about several things.  What's unique is that these are all stories that were told by police officers regarding normal and not so normal incidents.  Why did Ingrid write the book?  Her own curiosity for one. To show that police are just like the rest of us and are really pretty good folks.   And three, so that others would not and should not be afraid to speak up.  If anyone is going to get scrutinized for talking about something unknown, it is going to be a police officer.

Ingrid's book has something for everyone.  Some of the stories are cute, some are mysterious, some will really warm your heart, and some are about the unknown.  Any kind of unknown that you may have heard of.  There is more than one incident of a cop helping someone in their time of need and then when the time was right the favor was returned.  To me it proved the greater connection that we all have, and perhaps the greater purpose that exists for all of us.  There are stories about officers who use their intuition to save their own life, or the lives of others.  Where does intuition come from? 

Ingrid's site:   www.spiritofthebadge.comIMG_0172.jpg

This is part one of two, and by the way I'm on vacation next week.  What? Again?  I know, too much time off!

 Spirit of The Badge is also available at www.Amazon.com

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