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What is that?  Can we go on rides?  Well... a spiritual one perhaps.  My guest this week talks about an event that has just seemed to come together and has taken on a life of it's own.  Heather Pummill, along with her husband Nate Zemar, tried last year to organanize an event that would bring natural healers, energy workers, mediums and psychics to the Iron Mountain Michigan area.  It fell through.  However this year all the right energies seem to be lining up and many are coming to the event.  It is going to take place at the City Park in Iron Mountain on the weekend of July 7th.  I believe it could be an opportunity to heal, learn about yourself, and your journey.

In the coming weeks I will talk to some of the healers/energy workers who will be appearing at the event. 

I think we all want to find out who we are, that is why so many go to psychics.  Like many of you I don't trust many who call themselves a psychic.  I am always open however to connect with someone and see what they have to say.  Since I've dealt with this for quite a while now I feel I can spot those who are geniune, then again don't we all say that?  What impresses me about Heather and Nate is their willingess to drop what their doing to help someone, that is always an encouraging sign.

This week I welcome Heather Pummill from Iron Mountain Michigan.

Heather's email:  Mysacredspirits@yahoo.com

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