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Last weekend I got together with Joy and Roslyn and a few divine souls.  When it became my turn I was told I needed to speak my truth more.  Perhaps I should, so this week I talk about why and what I believe in at my core and how I came to this understanding.  Normally I figure it doesn't reallly matter what I think, to me that is a part of letting go of ego.  But perhaps you can't really move forward until you claim it?  I have been told I'm an ancient soul.  I believe I've probably been around the block a few times, so to speak.  I choose to remain humble, it is so easy to get full of yourself when you think you've gained a  little wisdom, I see this time and again with those that I've interviewed or just people in general.  If you want to make a difference, just be it.  There is no need to try to change others, the highest way is to let them find it for themselves.  Whatever light and love you fill yourself with will make a difference, eventually the bucket will get full when enough of us add to it.  That is what I believe, how about you? 

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